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  1. Thank you and nice to meet you Mr. & Mrs. Alan. I definitely enjoy studying!! I was sure by the comments that everyone on here knows what they believe, thus all the questions lol; but I should probably slow down. Thank you again
  2. You are right, Salyan. It makes me laugh now to consider it. Thank you
  3. I thought only Bible colleges majored on teaching doctrine?? Is there a trusted site that teaches doctrine correctly ? What is our Baptist stance on Repentance? I thought repentance was a pretty simple word until I’ve heard it defined so many ways. Most gospel tracts and verbal invitations do not use repentance. when I turned to the Lord I was turning away from my own way. So the idea of repentance made sense to me then by my experience. But who am I to say? I visited a southern baptist church once and they taught on Biblical church discipline, the only time I’ve ever heard it
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