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  1. It says about a procedure where you can't buy or sell without having it How everyone is required to have it
  2. Concerns me on a biblical level. Nothing to do with safety, Chips are mentioned in Revelation. Is it okay to have them as a believer? There's no way to say 'no' since the new cards require chips, I can't walk around without any identity card and passports contain them as well, the manual passports are only for a year but electronic ones with chips last at least 5 It feels like the chip system is implemented worldwide and I was curious how US believers deal with this
  3. There has been a new law which passed in my country saying that the new identity cards will contain a chip! Everyone is required to have them once these normal ones we have will expire. Are these causes for concerns? I hear chips and I'm feeling tons of worry. I feel like everything gets to have this. Our new issued passport also contain chip. What is there to do? I assume in the US it's the same? the use of chip-identity card required? or chip as a new means in various identification cards including passports? I need a believer's perspective, please There's no way to
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