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  1. Only what is being conveyed or also how it is being conveyed? For example, is describing the sinful aspects in a lot of details within a novel that has a moralistic ending a sin? When Jesus told the story of the prodigal son, He just briefly mentioned that the son had "squandered his wealth in wild living". He never mentions what the "wild living" consisted of. Should writers follow Jesus' example and keep the descriptions of the sinful events to a minimum?
  2. Follow these steps backwards to disable and / or reenable Safari on iPhone (recent versions of the iPhone anyways; I don't know if it works on older iPhones): https://www.expressvpn.com/internet-privacy/remove-safari/
  3. I know that you meant to offer that advice with good intentions, sister, but it is not really that helpful for someone who struggles with scrupulosity. If they applied that advice, they would stop doing over 50% of their activities and spend most of their days in constant worry.
  4. Between the two, I'd go with Avira. I haven't used avast in almost a decade, so I don't know how it is nowadays, but I've used Avira recently and it seemed to offer good protection.
  5. Well, some people say that it is, and I feel like it is, but I don't know whether that's because of The Holy Spirit's conviction or due to my obsessive-compulsive disorder's symptoms.
  6. We (Eastern-Orthodox) reject the Pope's authority as head of The Church, and his infallibility. Also, unlike the Catholics, we allow priests to be married and have families, as long as they get married prior to their ordination.
  7. Well, I do believe I'm a bit of both, but my situation is so complicated that even I can't understand it completely, so I'm not able to explain it... Well, not without writing an incredibly long post in which I explain my life story, something that I would rather not do for now. I have used the confused reaction emoticon because your previous reply states this: The Bible contains chapters that promote lust (The Song Of Solomon / The Song Of Songs) and has characters involved in adultery, fornication and sodomy. Surely, you understand my confusion when being faced with the state
  8. It's a discussions community. I'm creating discussion threads. Isn't that what people do in an online discussions community? Is there a rule against asking 'disjointed questions'? If there is, do let me know, cause I like to obey the rules.
  9. Is writing and publishing fictional works (novels, short stories etc.) that are secular in nature (by 'secular' I mean not related to Christianity and not intentionally aimed at glorifying God) a sin? Share your opinions. For example: fantasy novels about mythical creatures, science-fiction about robots and cyborgs, historical novels about wars and fighting etc.
  10. My advice would be to not marry an unbeliever, if by unbeliever you mean a hardcore atheist who despises Christianity and / or God. However, if by unbeliever, you mean Christian who belongs to a different Church or who holds different doctrinal beliefs than you (e.g. an Anglican, a Catholic etc.), then you should probably pray about it and let the Holy Spirit guide you. I don't think that Paul's advice applies to Christians who want to marry Christians from another denomination. Also, if by unbeliever you mean an atheist who is simply disinterested in religion, but is willing to allow you to h
  11. I'm new to the Baptist doctrine, so please excuse my ignorant inquiries. I would like to know about salvation. Do Christians who adhere to the teachings of other Christian denominations (sub-denominations / groups / Churches etc.) have a chance at salvation, or do only Baptists get saved?
  12. DuckDuckGo has been around for several years. There are several alternative search engines, many of which don't track people. Startpage.com and Qwant.com are two of the better ones. There's also the search engine Yandex.com, which was created by Russians as an alternative to Google.
  13. Don't you believe in miracles? Didn't Jesus teach that true believers would be able to perform miracles just like Him?
  14. Which Christian denomination or Church do you consider to be the closest to the Baptist Church in terms of teachings? To phrase this differently, which denomination would you choose to belong to if the Baptist Church didn't exist?
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