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  1. I wanted to give everybody an update. I asked her dad while we were cleaning up after a fellowship at church. He said no. His reasoning is that while he feels it is okay to marry after a divorce, he feels that I should focus on reconciliation with my exwife. He said he really respects me for asking and if I was not divorced he would absolutely say yes. He also said that he understands why the divorce happened, and that it was not my fault, but that I should still focus on reconciliation. I am frustrated, but also can't say that he is wrong. As I have been doing so much i
  2. There are many types of fasting, and the Bible does not say how to fast, but gives us some examples. The important thing is that when you fast, do it with real intentions of drawing closer to God and to show him your earnest cries. You can't fast, with out dedicating time, much time, to prayer. As i fast, any times I get a hunger pain, I praise God for having him remind me it is time to pray again. This can get tricky as the longer the fast, the less hunger pains you feel. I recently, through God's strength, finished a 5 day fast. I often will also fast a mean or a
  3. Thanks for the reply Salyan. I have in a roundabout way asked the father if he believes in remarriage and he does. I have a relationship with him (albeit minor) as we are both ushers and I help out in the soundbooth which is his primary ministry in the church. He was the first, outside of the pastor, in the church to know that I was getting a divorce. One day as I was leaving he told me goodbye and to say bye to my wife. This was three days after I found out about her affair. I just got wide eyed and said I was not going to do that! and left. I did seek him out before the e
  4. Hello, I am a recently divorced 38 year old man. My exwife had an affair, refused to reconcile, and became physically abusive towards me. I'm ready to move on after much prayer, fasting, and good Biblical Counseling with my pastor. Our church runs about 150 on Sunday morning. There is a 28 year old woman that has caught my eye so to speak and I would like to pursue a relationship. I have NO IDEA how to court, as I was unsaved when I began dating my exwife. I want to do things the right way now. For those of you that have adult daughters in the church, do you want the m
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