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  1. I mean my salvation is pretty straightforward. Friend invited me to a revival meeting, I got saved. October 2, to be specific. At the same time though, literally anyone could make that up. Even if I went into the full details about salvation (which I’m sure you all know), that’s still something a google search can pull up. Also, do you use the Bible as your reference for everything? Even how you manage an online forum?
  2. Hi! As people are requiring an introduction post here it is. New to the IFB (that’s why I’m here, to learn more). Married, no children, love dogs. From the southern part of the US. That’s all I’m going to share online. It’s not safe to give out personal info. Telling someone what church I attend narrows it down to what, 100 members to look though? Telling you my “associates” is as simple as a google search to find them. If someone on here has bad intentions, I do not want to be the one who gets hurt. Sorry, but my safety is my priority. I assume you all understand. We do not live in a safe world. I would like to say though, I am mildly concerned as to why it’s so important that we give you our information. We don’t know you, just like you don’t know us. Using the internet means being cautious and not expecting anyone to potentially endanger themselves. And I’m sure you’re all wonderful people, but nobody can guarantee anyone’s safety online. If it’s that much of an issue, I will leave. I do not want to, I’m very interested in hearing what people have to say, but not at that cost. Thanks.
  3. Oh I’m not saying you didn’t answer the question. The vibe I’m getting (and I’ve gotten this from my friends as well) is that questions are bad. I just don’t understand why. I love asking questions. The more you ask the more you know, and I want to know as much as possible. That’s why we have brains!
  4. I think that if someone is going to be enough of a horrible person to assault someone, they’ll do it no matter what they’re wearing, because if you were already thinking about assauling people then you’ve already got issues you need to deal with. The thing that I don’t really get about modesty and now in relation to this topic, is why does it matter? I understand that we’re supposed to dress modestly in order to be pleasing to the lord and to follow the Bible, but that doesn’t have anything to do with a sexual assault case. And I don’t have very much experience with churches but you see “victim blaming” all over society. Assuming the woman is at fault because she wasn’t dressing modestly. Isn’t it each persons own responsibility to control themselves, no matter what another is wearing?
  5. Pardon me for butting in, but I have a question, something I’ve been wondering while reading this thread that your comment addresses. Is there something wrong with questioning things? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do in order not to be fooled, whether that be religious, political, etc? I also don’t mean to be rude, but you don’t seem very happy to discuss an opposing viewpoint. I understand the concerns about this person being a...what’s the word I want. A mole? Maybe? Idk. But if there’s nothing to hide then why is that a problem? Obviously if someone is going against forum rules that’s different but even if they are seeking questions for a report, aren’t they required to have permission to publish people’s answers? I just don’t understand what the issue is and I’d like to understand in more detail, if possible.

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