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  1. Dear Invicta, Thank you, i am continuously searching, listening to Audio recordings and reading the Bible and listening to sermons online. There are also lectures on the Bible and theology on iTunes U that i have been following and continue to listen to and return to as often as i can. It is not easy to ignore the discoveries made in the realm of Science and the fact that we, as human beings, look and act very much like every other animal would and then say: We are special! So far, i have come to learn that the Earth would have been far better off without us human beings, destroying the Earth's environment and recently the space, too. i pity and feel sorry for all other creatures and for one, i wish i was never born. Fingers crossed, all will be fine. Thanks for your time and kindness
  2. Dear Matt, ‘I totally agree with you, it is about me, yes, and I cannot believe in God nor the Lord, no matter how hard I try. i have been reading and listening, and asking and discussing the good faith and my issues, but so far, only problems add and lead to more complications, I have begged and still beg the Holy Spirit, the Lord, and the Host of Heavens to guide me, but the more I search, the less my chances of honest true hearty belief. thank you for your kind time
  3. Dear W, By the way, is it not a sin to share somebody's artwork and production which was not made public with the world on YouTube? If i am not mistaken Mr A. Scourby made those recordings of the Bible in order to make a living out of them and they cost something about $58 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Holy-Bible-King-James-Version/dp/1565638034 Also on his own website: https://www.scourby.com/audio-bible/
  4. Dear W, i have been reading the article, but i have got one huge problem, i don't want to believe in God because of being afraid of Hell and the seas of fire, i'd rather believe in God because i could love him for being God, so far, that article is more frightening than helping, i don't want to be afraid of God, who as is mentioned, is full of love and pity for us. Such articles may intrigue some folks, but as i said, i am looking for true and honest belief in the Lord and love Him for who He is, not for fear and dread. If you can help me get that kind of belief and love, i'm for ever indebted to you. Have a great time
  5. Dear W, I am reading and listening to the Holy Bible every day, it hasn't been long, but i have been constant. My problem is i cannot link the dots and doubts and questions keep me wondering. People saw his miracles in person while he was on Earth and they failed to believe in him, think how more difficult it is for me to believe. Cheers
  6. How can I strengthen my belief in the Lord? i want to believe but there are so many questions and doubts
  7. Dear Dave, Thanks a lot for your kind reply and attention. Well, i was reading the Bible and there was a talk of fast / watch and pray and it occurred to my humble mind to ask and learn how to fast, i hope to find a way and be able to believe in God and the Lord full heartedly. Thank you
  8. Thank you very much, The Morlock, for your kind reply, but i still don't get it much. i think when you say 'fast' you mean stop doing something, and at the same time pray more and remember the Lord more often than usual.
  9. Greetings and thanks for reading this, i have no idea how one fasts as a Baptist Christian. Is it like not eating nor drinking anything at all, as the Muslims do from dawn to dusk? Or has it got nothing to do with food and drink and it's a spiritual thing? Thank you for your kind replies and time. Stay awesome, Totoo
  10. Dear Salyan, Cheers and many thanks for your kind clarification. i find your replies to my questions very satisfying and you have kindly cleared my mind and questions about many things. Having said that, to believe in God as you do, i have been trying, but still i have my doubts and i pray to Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day to help me out here and show me how to find honest belief and trust, but so far, only questions and doubts pile up. i will carry on reading the Bible and try to understand the good book better. Maybe my problem is that i have studied literature and in some approaches to literary criticism, we analyse a text and come to conclusions based on what is in the text apart from who wrote it and one cannot always find answers or come to conclusions without proof evident in the text itself, i guess this fact is what is driving me nuts about the text of the Holy Bible, i suppose i need help and grace from the Lord in order to comprehend the Bible better and get rid of my doubts. Thanks again and i wish you a very pleasant time
  11. Dear Dave, Thanks very much for your very kind reply. i'm sorry i cannot agree with you. From the very beginning, it was God Himself who started doing the wrong thing, no? He told Adam not to eat from the tree of knowledge of the good and evil, for if he ate, he would 'surely' die!# He ate, it opened his eyes and achieved wisdom, and he did NOT die! i'd also like to know, why did God want us not to eat of the tree of wisdom and the tree of life? It seems to me, if there is a God as described in the Holy Bible, He is just someone having fun with his toys, us! As for my part, i'm trying to make Him happy and make Him enjoy his games, but i cannot believe in Him, no matter how hard i try. Cheers and thanks for your time.
  12. Thank you BBB for your kind reply, sorry for the late reply, i did not receive a notification and thought nobody has replied, i just happened to come back to my question and add some more when i saw your kind reply. Well, i'm afraid i cannot agree with you: It may be that the translations are not perfect and my knowledge of the English language is nowhere near good enough, but to my humble understanding 'repent' means you feel sorry and sad as a result of something you have done yourself. i cannot repent for you, can i? nor can i repent for something you have done. And isn't it the very word Preachers and Pastors as well as Ministers tell people do after they have committed a sin? Repent your sins and such like? Well, didn't God get angry and cause the Flood? Sorry, but no, it was not as a reminder to us, God wants to be reminded and that's why the bow is in the sky, no? I also have more puzzling questions and i here you are: God says, be kind to your enemies, love them, feed them if they are hungry and offer them water if they are thirsty, right? Is the humankind worse than God's own enemy? Or is God feeding and watering Satan with humankind? Unfortunately, there are more puzzles in religion than solutions for me, i think i will always respect Jesus as a man who brought the notion of Love among us, but i cannot understand the Bible and the contradictions that are all over the place. The more i read and try to understand, the worse i feel. i came with a heart full of respect and love for Jesus, and i still do respect Him and wear a cross round my neck, but i think the teachings of the Bible do not satisfy my needs. Thank you so much for your kind time and patience.
  13. Greetings, It seems that Pastor Knox is going to be just fine but it will take about 6 months of treatment and therapy. Our hearts and prayers are with him and his fast recovery. Bless your Pastor John Young for informing us. Bless your heats, Amen.
  14. Greetings all, i've been reading the good book as carefully as my humble mind can take and that with trust in the Lord. However, i cannot stop thinking about many things that come up and strike me as strange, maybe i have a misconception about many things, but better ask than go nuts. Some of the questions that has occurred to me is as follows: Why does God repent creating mankind? Isn't this against the thought that God is perfect? Why does God get angry? Isn't this also against the perfectness of the Lord? Why does God forget and has to do something, for example create a bow in the clouds, to remind him of something, namely his covenant with mankind, another example seems to me is when Noah is in the arc and God recalls that He needs to stop flooding the world. i do apologise if my questions are stupid, but be patient with me and help me out, please. Bless your hearts, Totoo
  15. Feeling blessed to be here, very helpful people and great forums and discussions to learn about the good faith and the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Bless your hearts, Amen

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