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  1. Dear Jerry, i am very happy for you, you are one of the chosen, maybe i am not, many are called, few are chosen!
  2. Greetings, It is very confusing, the whole Bible is very confusing, but then what can one expect when the Book is authored by the Lord. Bless your hearts, Totoo
  3. Dear Jim, Thank you so much for your kindness. Yes, i do not know how to pray, so i have been very happy to learn it from the Lord Himself. What you say seems very reasonable, i hope i will learn. i hope you will receive all you desire from the Lord. Bless your heart, Totoo
  4. Good morning, and kind greetings all i was reading this prayer from our Lord just now and something occurred to me, this is the prayer: Our Father which art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done In Earth, as it is in heaven i try to say this prayer every morning, i miss it sometimes, but i try to pray every morning. Anyhow, as i was praying this morning, i went through this prayer, automatically, and without any feeling, then i said to myself, what's the use? read again. And i did, and as i read it again, it occurred to me that 'Earth' is not the Earth we all live on, but my heart. It was always a question, being a language teacher, 'in' Earth, you see, rather than 'on'! i guess i've got my answer to that this morning, thanks to and praise the Lord. i just felt happy and thought i'd share it with you wonderful people. Have a blessed day and remember me in your kind prayers, i am not worthy, but you are kind Totoo
  5. Greetings Previously i have asked about the importance of the word: 'Israel' and that it has been repeatedly mentioned both in the Old and the New Testaments. While watching a YouTube programme, i learnt that this word comes from two Hebrew words meaning 'desire to reach God'. To what extent can that be correct? Thank you for your kind time and bless your hearts, Totoo
  6. Good morning, i guess the best reply and answer to all my silly questions is this: That Jesus Christ was crucified and gave his holy blood on the cross to save us. With this brave action, he took everything away from the devil and gave all to those that believe in Him. i admit that i have yet to learn more about the true meaning of His sacrifice on the cross. The answers are coming, i should be patient and work on my belief and love of the Lord. Bless your hearts and thank you for your kind prayers, Totoo
  7. To follow up on that, Actually, you could encourage better reciting of the Bible by introducing activities and perhaps even competitions at schools, churches, public places and praise and honour the winner for their achievements by presenting them with a valuable prize, medals and suchlike. You could also encourage people to memorise the Holy Book and recite the scripture from heart. That could win a better prize in this world and the next! Thank you, bless your hearts, And pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, Lord i'm not worthy, Totoo
  8. Hi, greetings all i've got a humble suggestion for all churches: i propose the kind pastors teach everyone to recite the Bible beautifully, especially the pastors themselves need to be able to recite the verses correctly and clearly. It is heartbreaking to watch some pastors on YouTube just run through the verses without giving nor showing any sense and feeling from what they read. If you are short of time, do not save it by running through the text, if you are so short of time, why are you doing this in the first place? If you need to read the text, pay the text its respect, and read calmly and beautifully, let it sink in the listeners and your audience. Otherwise, what is the point???? How can one expect to move the multitudes when the reciter is sans feeling? i strongly recommend everyone to at least listen to Mr Alexander Scournby's recordings, he is not perfect, but he is the best there is, hope someone will better him soon. There are dramatised recordings, i do not recommend them, for one, they are not the KJV, and when something is dramatised, it's the view point of the director, not the book. Have a better day and bless your hearts, Totoo
  9. i need to add: i understand the King James Bible is a translation. i understand the difficulties and obstacles of such a great and heavy task. i am still sure the questions i am confronted with do not arise from the fact that there may be issues to do with the translation. Unless the translations are totally out of place, which i dare not presume. It is mentioned in the Bible that one has to love the Lord more than one loves oneself. Teach me how to do that, please, since i don't love myself, the only thing i love is learning and studying. Bless your hearts
  10. Jesus Christ says this in Matthew 28: 18: . . . All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Then why is the devil so powerful? If you would like to discuss 'choice and free will' i've got questions regarding that, too. Have a blessed time and may the Lord bless our hearts
  11. Greetings, all, i've been studying and pondering as i read the Good Book. i am trying to avoid the so many questions that come to my humble mind, but they keep bugging me. There is no church for me to go to and there is no preacher or pastor or anyone i could trust and talk with where i live. i believe that means i am on my own and i have to hope to be blessed by The Lord and only He may find the time to reach out and help me understand and walk in the right direction. Meanwhile another question for you, if you got the time to think about it, not that i am waiting for your replies any more, you wonderful people are too busy, i understand. The question is: Why is the devil so powerful? Bless your hearts. Totoo
  12. PS: i started reading this chapter again and now i've got another problem: Matthew Chapter 4 Verse 1: i may be very naiive, but i'd rather ask any way: There seems to be an agreement between the Lord and the devil. i mean, although we hear that the devil is the fallen angel and all that, but according to such texts, doesn't it seem that the devil is following God's will? i mean, in this instance, it seems to my humble mind that the devil is getting employed by the Spirit to tempt Jesus Christ. What do you think? Have a great time and looking forward to your insights. Totoo
  13. Greetings all i've been reading the Good Book and i came across this in The Gospel according to St. Matthew: 4-4 : Can someone clarify and explain what this really means, please? Of course, i think i get the first part about 'bread', but what does 'every word' refer to? Is this referring to the entire Holy Bible and does it merely mean that we should live according to what is set there for us? i cannot take the 'word' as Jesus Christ, can i, since there it is mentioned: 'every' and there is only 'one' Christ. But then thinking about the context of this quote, this is in reply to hunger. i am confused. Thank you so much for your time and kindness. Bless your hearts, Totoo

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