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  1. Hello! I'm writing my final paper in Hermeneutics course and looking for a good Baptist commentary on Ezekiel Chapter 18. Love Paul Chappell (Lancaster Baptist Church) but could not locate it specifically. Appreciate any help.


    1. 1Timothy115


      Compare Adam Clarke's Commentary with Jaimieson, Fausett, Brown's Whole Bible unabridged. That should get you going in the right direction.

    2. Jordan Kurecki

      Jordan Kurecki

      Those are not Baptist commentaries, 

      for good commentaries on Ezk 18:



      I would just state that its important to realize Ezekiel 18 should be interpreted in the context of God speaking to Jews under the Mosaic covenant, which conditioned blessing upon obedience, many make the folly of teaching about salvation requirements for people today from this chapter. We are saved today because Christ was obedient in our place, not because we obey the law and turn from our sins. 

      See Deuteronomy 28 to see the relevant parts of God’s covenant with Israel.

    3. 3SoulsOfGolgotha


      I'm new and noticed your status update. Where are you studying? If that is not too personal for a newbie to ask.

      I've considered Bible study courses online but there are so many sites it is hard to know which one to trust.

      Thank you. Blessings in your pursuit.


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