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  1. Hello all. I’m just introducing myself here. I’m looking for a church to attend, that fully endorses living life in the Spirit, at all times. I currently am a bit stuck, I can’t yet travel independently, due to ptsd and an inability to tolerate noise etc.. but my goal is to be able to, and to find a church which will walk alongside me, and me the others too, to be changed into jesus’ likeness. I’ve been delivered from the spirit of death, which was continuously compelling me to make serious attempts on my life, a literal compulsion to do so even when I was not suicidal. I’m free of that spirit, in terms of being inside me, though I’ve recently and thankfully emerged from a desperate couple of months in which I did try again. When I’m in the Spirit though, I’m a different woman. The key is obviously learning to ABIDE in the Spirit. Doing so without any fellowship however is not easy. Also, until about six months ago I was also caught up with another demonic spirit which I’m fighting against successfully now - I’m keeping myself pure for Christ my husband, and for the husband on this earth which Jesus told me some time ago he is preparing me for, and him me. The issue of discipline, being disciplined physically is still in me, but I don’t submit to it since then - I believe that after a period (God will know how long this is) of chastity in this area, God will provide the husband I have a longing to find, a husband who is willing to love me (and me him) in every way, including with physical discipline and godly submission. Meanwhile, I’m determined to prove myself faithful to Jesus, and am doing so. God has told me what my specific and unique callings are: possessing the keys to mental health, standing in the gap and snatching others from the fire, and evangelism, as well as preaching to many. But that is in my future, so meanwhile I must find a body of believers who will Stand with me as I learn to overcome everything in the Spirit, and who I can also support likewise. Yes, I am told by the Lord that I’m to pioneer a way, and therefore as with all pioneers, I struggle a lot. When I am operating in the Spirit I find my feet, and am completely whole. God did once tell me that when I/we have to come to the point whereby we LIVE in the Spirit we become whole ie there is no mental illness in the Spirit!! I do live quite near to Sheffield. Any advice or ideas would be welcome, as I’m rather stuck here in this village, not being able to travel (yet) independently. Thank you all, and God bless you all. Nina. 

    1. Invicta


      Hello Nina

      My wife comes from Sheffield and we visited Hathersage once when visiting her family.  She has no family there anymore.  Sorry I can't help with churches up there.

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