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  1. Hi Jim_Alaska currently my Pastor is not in good health memory issues. My Pastor loves the word but the guy speaking Sunday night has university education and his delivery is very boring this guy on Sunday night uses notes not his Bible. He accepts any translation but I stick the authorized translation. I simply don't understand why my Pastor let this individual go up to the pulpit. It's tough to sit and listen to this guy use hi ploi language it's pretty bad imo. Thank you Jim_ Alaska p.s. Pastor is 80 years old been preaching about 50 years
  2. Hi all, i'm seeking prayer for my Pastor to have another Pastor who can preach God's word on Sunday evening. We have a guest speaker who is not using the Bible but relying on his notes from another source. We feel that we have to a biblical sound teacher to preach Sunday night from the Bible. Thank you for prayer God bless you.
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