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    Thank you for these links. I'll read them later promise. <3 :D God bless
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    I want to be renewed with and walk with Jesus is why I wish to be Baptised. It should feel like you are born again in and renewed in Christ.
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    I live in WA, LOVE to Craft , am Trans and love to read. I have not found but am looking for a church which is Baptist or Mennonite. Help?
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    Hi there! That's so cool! :D :D I hope she is able to. BTW what is an Anabaptist vs. a  Mennonite vs. an affirming Baptist ? I'm confused. Are they related or in communion with the affirming Baptist Church?
    Thank you,
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    Hi there!
    I live in Puyallup!
    Where do you live?
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    Cool, thank you! A question I have well actually I have a  few is:
    Do we regard each other and greet each other as brothers and sisters?
    Is rebaptism needed in circumstance of where there no Baptismal letter as in a  conditional Baptism?
    Thank you!!
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    I have sent you a  pm, God bless.
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    Hi there!
    Thank you and I'm Transgender not a  transplant, lol! I'm  in Wa.
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    It's ok! I guess it's an easy mistake. I want to be like Jesus and not go to hell. I also want to live  a more Christian life that is full of grace, love and mercy like the Good Lord is.
    I think I may be Baptist due to theology and what I think of Halloween bc it's from the devil  but I was also thinking I may be Mennonite but definitely now think I'm a  person who identifies as a LGBTQ Baptist who needs to be baptized.
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    Fairybird reacted to Jordan Kurecki in Suggestions and/or Ideas?   
    Yeah Sorenson is NOT covenant theology or reformed. I don’t know where you got that idea...I mean I bought his commentary set when he was at Fairhaven and I have been using it for years, it's the commentary I go to when I DON'T want the reformed perspectives of Gill or Henry. Sorenson and Ironside are my go to commentaries when I am wanting a sound dispensational viewpoint.
    "The Understanding the Bible (Sorenson) is unique in that it is:
    Dispensational in theology Pre-Trib Rapture Pre-millennial King James/traditional-text based Baptism by immersion Six-day literal creation Literal in hermeneutics Concise style of writing Discreet use of original languages Tackles difficult passages Comprehensive and expositional Useful for pastors and laymen"  
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    Fairybird reacted to HappyChristian in Suggestions and/or Ideas?   
    I looked at it again - not very well noticed was the "in distinction to" in the midst of the lists. The top of the second list was covenant/reformed and so I didn't look any further.  A poorly positioned comparison notation was where I got the idea. Thank you for causing me to look again.
    Why, yes, I think we would. 😊 If you could talk to him, that would be marvelous. 😂 (and greatly appreciated!)
    As to Sorenson - as I mentioned in my reply to Jordan, their listing confused the issue for me. The "in distinction to" in the middle of the two lists (the one Jordan copied, and the one that begins with covenant/reformed theology) is further down the page, so if one's screen does not show the entire list, it isn't apparent that it's a comparison list. After Jordan copied the one side, I went in to look again and that's when I saw the rest of the list and the "in distinction to."  I am relieved that he is not.
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    Fairybird reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Suggestions and/or Ideas?   
    Sister LuAnne,
    That shipment about which we spoke privately has now come.  As soon as I am able to get the package together, 5 books will be on the way.
    1.  God's Wisdom for Marriage & the Home
    2.  The Spirit of Revival: A Contrite and Humble Spirit
    3.  Thou Shalt Do These Things: A Study of the Commands in the New Testament
    4.  The Tender Mercies of the Lord
    5.  In the World, Not of the World: The Believer's Relationship to the World
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    Fairybird reacted to HappyChristian in Suggestions and/or Ideas?   
    So we now have 39 books (one is scheduled for delivery to my house today...I already have the accessioning finished and will only need to stamp and label it) for our library. I will be setting it up tomorrow morning, and checkout will be available after the services beginning Sunday. I'm so excited that we are able to do this. If you think about it, would you please pray that our people would read the books and grow in the Lord thereby?  Special thanks to Brother Markle for his donation. Several folks have already expressed a desire to read those books. God is good!  Here is a photo of 10 of the books - those written by Bro. Markle and those written by Mrs. Starr.

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    Howdy! HappyChristian is in Washington; maybe she'll be able to help you.
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