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  1. Hi, do any Baptist or Ana Baptist churches believe that reincarnation is in the bible? thank you
  2. Thank you for these links. I'll read them later promise. <3 :D God bless
  3. You are supposed to love thy neighbor and follow the Golden rule. Me too! Honestly, we will never compare nor even compare to Jesus but we should all aspire to be good enough to get into heaven and then the truth and peace should should be preached or there should be at least be peace aka Olam Hamba.
  4. Ok, that was my mistake. I didn't know that and I'll fix it. Thank you for informing me.
  5. As well as being received unto the Church. Hi there Brothers and Sisters! Also, do you consider the Book of Mormon and their KJV Bible to be of the Devil and to be unread? Thank you!
  6. I want to be renewed with and walk with Jesus is why I wish to be Baptised. It should feel like you are born again in and renewed in Christ.
  7. It's ok! I guess it's an easy mistake. I want to be like Jesus and not go to hell. I also want to live a more Christian life that is full of grace, love and mercy like the Good Lord is. I think I may be Baptist due to theology and what I think of Halloween bc it's from the devil but I was also thinking I may be Mennonite but definitely now think I'm a person who identifies as a LGBTQ Baptist who needs to be baptized.
  8. Hi there! Thank you and I'm Transgender not a transplant, lol! I'm in Wa.
  9. Brother, what is CCM? best, Beck
  10. Hello, I have sent you a pm, God bless. Beck
  11. Cool, thank you! A question I have well actually I have a few is: Do we regard each other and greet each other as brothers and sisters? Is rebaptism needed in circumstance of where there no Baptismal letter as in a conditional Baptism? Thank you!! Beck
  12. Hi there! I live in Puyallup! Where do you live? Best, Beck
  13. Hi there! That's so cool! :D :D I hope she is able to. BTW what is an Anabaptist vs. a Mennonite vs. an affirming Baptist ? I'm confused. Are they related or in communion with the affirming Baptist Church? Thank you, Beck
  14. Hi I live in WA, LOVE to Craft , am Trans and love to read. I have not found but am looking for a church which is Baptist or Mennonite. Help?
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