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  1. "Abusers of themselves with mankind is a Euphemism". I only speak English, so I will need some time to verify that this is really a euphemism for homosexual. For now I will go with what the clear teaching of the KJV Bible says in English, which is "abusers of themselves with mankind". If God was referring to the sodomite, I image he would of put sodomite in 1 Corinthians...lol And since we do not agree that 1st Corinthians says anything at all about the sodomite, you cannot claim that they are not reprobate. I follow the clear teachings of scripture as does Pastor Anderson. Jordan, you may want to take some of your own advice and study your Bible without popular culture influencing your understanding of God's word. The only thing from the pit of hell is your irrational hatred of a man of God. Also your love of sexual deviants, that God himself hates and commands use to administer the death penalty for is definitely not biblical. Here is a another great verse from the book of 1st Corinthians, that you might want to read and meditate on: 1 Cor 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
  2. I will rely on the statistics from the CDC and multiple studies on homosexuals deviants confessing to pedophilia. I will also rely on personal experiences from family members connecting homosexuals with pedophilia. I will rely on undercover documentaries of interviews with homosexuals confessing of pedophilia. And lastly I will rely on my own common sense to make the obvious connection between the homosexual and pedophilia. If a man or woman has been given over to same sex behavior, they will do anything, including harm a child. While my above list may not be "authoritative" enough for you, any one point, by itself, is sufficient for me. There is a reason why Leviticus 20:13 is a commandment of God. Its because he does know the intents of all hearts and wants to stop, prevent, abolish, and deter this type of wicked behavior.
  3. In what way does it contradict it? Nowhere does the book of Corinthians give a pass to the reprobate mind.
  4. I disagree. The list in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 does not mention "homosexual" or "Sodomite".
  5. Yes I am. I have the privilege of being one of his parishioners.
  6. I understand your logic but I disagree. If a sodomite is not currently involved in pedophilia, its because they have not been caught yet or havent had the opportunity. I will elaborate in the new thread you have created.
  7. Yes of course, Christ died for the sins of the world! But in the same way that the world is not going to heaven, either are those that have rejected his free gift, Romans 6:23. A reprobate has rejected that gift and Romans 1:21 begins to show us how this takes place. You would agree that not all men can be saved right? That there is a point, at which a man can cross, to where he is no longer redeemable aka reprobate? But perhaps a discussion on the reprobate doctrine needs its own thread?
  8. Hello, Im Jason from Arizona and I am new to this board. I am a former non-denom fun center Christian and have been IFB since April 2015. So far Im liking what Im reading here, and its a relief to read the thoughts and opinions of like minded believers. Saved and Baptized at around 12 yrs in a local baptist church inspite of my Catholic family. Did the repent of your sins Pentecostal thing as a teenager and did the backsliding thing in the military. Married with kids and made my way through multiple rock n roll fun centers before finding my roots again in a solid IFB church.
  9. Hi Dave, Ok I will head to the intro section now, thanks. With regards to the "sinner" title, I would not apply that to a reprobate. Since all sin is not equal, I am unable to classify that level of depravity as a sin that is common to man.
  10. Born and raised in Fl, lived in AZ for the past 20 years.
  11. Without a doubt he is the worst most depraved man that has held the office. He is the king of abortion, and the sodomites. No one has furthered the wicked agenda of child sacrifice and perversion more then Barry Soetoro.
  12. Just listened to one this weekend. "Nine terrors of hell" by Pastor Johnathan Shelley of Pure Words Baptist church in Houston,TX. Great sermon. Hell sermons are great motivation to go soul winning!
  13. No such thing as "gay" marriage. Gay is a word correctly used in the Bible which means happy. The acceptable terms to use when referring to a homosexual would be: sodomite, dog, reprobate, pedophile, predator. None of the above can get married.
  14. Where is the choice for " False Prophet"?
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