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  1. @Brother Stafford. I have not been here long, but I appreciate your wisdom on issues. I may not have seen things the same but you have given me things to ponder. Thank you for that. I agree with you about the internet. I will miss reading your thoughts on things.
  2. Thank you , I did not see it as an attack, I realize he is a man and may have some things he believes that may not be right. As a married woman I also don't have the choice as to where I attend church. There are a few things I have found are off. But I love them dearly. Where do you draw the line and say thats enough? ! Of course again as woman I dont have that say. I will pray about these things and hope the Lord will correct them.
  3. Thank you for your replys. I do love my church and the pastor, but there are things that either dont sit well with me or are completely foreign. I had zero boundaries or rules of any kind growing up. So needless to say I balked against any authority in my life, nor did I have any standards or build character. So for me I need to check, and ask myself is this the Word of God or is me , my flesh pushing against this. . I am not an authority on the bible, so I appreciate all your help.
  4. A few terms that I had not heard prior to attending an IFB church. Undershepherd is one . I had not heard a pastor referred to as an Under shepherd. Or the term " Sheep cant teach sheep, or sheep cant shear sheep". I hear these often. Although I cant find a biblical reference or reason for these sayings. Thoughts please.
  5. Can sone one answer a few questions for me then. These are sincere questions , trying to understand. I will use sone examples from people I know. A couple comes to our church. Both have been previously married, now living as whats called common law. They have children from previous marriages and also a child from their union. After they are both saved, They were told they should be married. Should they be married? Another couple, both divorced, get saved , told they should be married. Should they be? They have no children between them , but adult children from their previous marriages. They were living together. The woman at the well. Jesus said that she had five husbands, are we to believe they have all died. Or 4 have died , 1 is still alive and that is why he says the one you are with is not you husband?
  6. Is it really that cut and dry Pastorj? I am married to a man that was married prior. We were both unsaved and had no clue what the Lords word was on this. We were both saved after we were married. The Lord obviously had mercy on us. Prior to our conversion we were according to the bible dead. If some one committed these things while dead, then were made alive, a new birth , a new creature, I have always believed that changes things. God doesn't even remember our past according to scripture.
  7. 1 John 4:19 , wouldn't make any sense. "We love him, BECAUSE he first loved us".
  8. I realize this is a very old thread. But I heard this last night. " That if your not in Christ, God hates you , infact he doesn't even know you. It didn't sit right with me. I think your answer is about right.
  9. Thank you @HappyChristian, and @Brother Stafford, for clarifying things for me.
  10. My answer was in keeping with the original post and discussion. I do not understand the point of the proverb being posted in any other context. If it was not directed at the woman of the OP , I dont see the point othervthan to cause contention, im to sick and tired (literally) to go around in circles . I was hoping to have civil discussion and fellowship on this site as Im shut in quite alot. I dont think this is the place for me.
  11. I do not disagree with the Word of God. But not what I would quote to an unsaved woman who happened to walk in to a service. . Here is another good one from today. "When pride cometh, then cometh shame, but with the lowly is wisdom. (Proverb 11: 2) I need wisdom when dealing with the unsaved . Just like the woman that first invited me to church. She new my biggest issue was not undress , but unbelief.
  12. Im not sure if this is directed at me , but I apologize if I came across that way. Its difficult in a venue where body language and voice inflections are not heard. Its like when we deal with the deaf. Just making the signs is often not enough for them to understand, body language and facial expressions help to get a full meaning.
  13. Sorry I realize they were not the best examples. The man I mentioned it was the alcohol smell , meaning he had been drinking and recently before service, by the strong odor. The boy I mention , because of the discussion of proper church behavior. But yes a smell is not the same.
  14. Well I guess there are differing opinions on how an unbeliever should be treated . I guess we will all have to answer to the Lord for what we do. Also another thing that I wonder is are we supposed to be erecting large buildings to hold our meetings in. Is this building the "house of God"? Or are we the house of God. Is God dwelling there if we are not? Why do we put up signs, with service times, special events and such. Or do you have "everyone welcone" . Is it true? What I believe reflects how I treat unbelievers, because I was one. We had a man who would come in stinking of alcohol, he was not disruptive, but he stunk. We were happy he was there. He heard the gospel many times over a few months. We bring a boy often , who also smells badly . We pick him up and need to put the windows down he smells so awful. His parents couldnt care less. He never bathes or has clothing washed. We have washed his clothing a few times when we brought him home and given him clothing, but they quickly become like the rest, as he never takes them off. We believe we are doing the right thing bringing him to church or including him in activities. This would also be considered poor behavior. Why are certain things ok or acceptable so they can be reached and not others. I would never say to him he cant attend unless he cleans himself up first. He doesn't know any better . I also believe the same of the Lady who attends in what she believes is a nice outfit.
  15. Brother Stafford, may I ask how you would respond to the original question. Please understand Im not trying to argue with you. I believe by your responses that you love the church and its people. I know we dont see some things the same, but would like to know your opinion on what would Be the best way to deal with someone dressed like described in the OP. If you dont want to answer thats fine. Also I agree completely that both saved men and women are responsible for their thoughts and actions. But an unsaved is not in the same way. They are in bondage held captive by the enemy. We should first be concerned with their souls , before clothing. I dont want to forget those the Lord used , some of them were Harlots. Why was Mary Magdalene drawn to the Lord, because he had compasion on her , I believe. I would have to do the same with soneone thats walked in , in the attire of a harlot. Maybe its because Im a woman, and one that lived in the world for 36 yrs. I would like to think as christians we woukd put aside our comfort for a while in hopes that a soul might be saved.
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