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  1. Right there, those who received him as their lord was due to the very will of God Himself!
  2. It does, but only when the person is claiming to be saved, and yet refusing to deal with sin issues when confronted, or when they now hold to doctrines contrary to sound doctrines!
  3. The death of Jesus was sufficient to have save all sinners, as was infinite as he was God, but was intended to save the very elect! keep reading, as his own received Him, but the rest preferred to stay lost in the dark! Ephesians 4:3-6 And as the resylt of the Fall, mankind are sinnners by natures, and cannot by themselves come to Christ, as will prefer to stay in darkness!
  4. I do respect and use the Kjv, but do not see it as being perfect and infallible, as there were known mistakes and errors that have been corrected in the later editions of the Kjv! Do you respect dean Burgeon as a text critic, as he was not holding to the TR nor the 1611 as being perfect! And as far as I know, the Sources and materials used by the Nkjv team to translate were the same ones the 1611 team had access to and used!
  5. Not found in the scriptures, as Jesus died for His own elect!
  6. None of that would be from the scriptures, as again, 1611 had known issues that were fixed and corrected in later editions of the Kjv! Think final corrected form was 1873 Cambridge!
  7. Scriptures command us to not b reak the unity of the Holy Spirit, for we are all one in Christ Jesus, regardless if labeled Baptist or not, if use Kjv 1611 or not! Unless the Holy Spirit enables/quickens lost sinners to place faith in Jesus as Lord, none of us would!
  8. The 1611 Translators were not inspired by God to make a perfect English translation, as they made the best of their time, was a revision of those before them, and later editions did correct the mistakes an d errors made in the 1611! Only the Originals were fully inerrant and inspired!
  9. You are assuming there there was a definite TR text that was perfect and pure, but Eramus had believe 6 he compiled, and there are instances in the 1611 Kjv when they did not even use any TR text, but took it in right from latin Vulgate! The Nkjv is the best Translation is use for those who like the Kjv tradition!
  10. I do not see ANY of the Confessions are inspired, nor as the final authority, as that is still in thje scriptures themselves, but do see the Confessions as useful summaries of what the scriptures themselves teach!
  11. Would yoyu feel the same way then on the 21 century Kjv?
  12. The KJV has had MANY changes though in its text and form since the original 1611, as there were known mistakes and issues in it that were corrected in later editions, such as the 1769 and the 1873!
  13. Calvinism gives the full glory to God for the plan and outworking of salvation, how is that heresy? Sound Christian doctrines, as expressed in the Bible and in the historical confessions and creeds of the Faith!
  14. Heresy to my understanding would be anything doctrine that would be against what has been historically held as being orthodox for the Christian community.
  15. Should we not desire to have jesus has the Lord over all aspects of our lives though?
  16. I only see separation in the scriptures between believers allowed by God if on e of the parties is into known sinning, and when confronted refuses to repent and is condoning that sin, or if they have gone off into heresy in their doctrines!
  17. You misunderstand both Calvinism and proper Sotierology of the scriptures! I am not neo eveangelical, as am a reformed baptist, who would see that under the Grace of our Lord jesus is that one can have differing viewpoints, can be pre/post A mil for example! Do you accept that one can be a fellow believer and disagree on timing of Second Coming, and Baptist modes for examples?
  18. We are told to seperate and come from among them, if they hold to doctrines n ot as per the scriptures, and I see agreement manditory of the Fundentals of the Faith, but that we can still agree to disagree on secondary issues!
  19. Also, even someone such as a dean Burgeon did not agree that the 1611 Kjv could not be improved and fixed to be more accurate to he original texts!
  20. I hold that Calvinism teaches the best explanation of Sotierology proper from the scriptures, but will not divide/seperate from someone like yourself who is saved by the same Lord i am !
  21. What do you mean by identifiers?
  22. The worst thing is that she calimed that God Himself have her all of her visions and all of her words, but that was no tthe true God!
  23. EW stated that Jesus was not the lord God Almighty, so hard to see how the Sda can see this as legit!
  24. My dad showed me his masonic Bible, and when I read that the real name of God included pagan demons, not good!

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