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  1. The basis for anyone who has ever been saved by God was the Cross of Christ, as it has always been saved by Grace alone, received thru faith alone.
  2. 2 main reasons would be that some of them see Jesus as being the Messiah, but not being God, and others see the needs to still observe all of the OT feasts and festivals.
  3. My understanding is that all of those who heard the gospel before it happens will be unable to respond, as they are under that deluding spirit God will send unto them after the Church exits, but those who have not yet heard will be able to respond, as John saw a great multitude in heaven who came right out from the tribulation, so their will still be mass salvation...
  4. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit unto the day of our resurrection and glorification, and the term used by Paul for sealing was Roman adoption, once one was adopted, never could be undone!
  5. I would say that Revelation 3, talking to the Philadelphia church, promised to be kept from that Hour, and also Chapter 4, when John goes up into heaven as a prefigure of the church rapturing out are the 2 best examples for pre trib. I see Mid trib supported by the 2 witnesses resurrecting to God mid trip, and also that the wrath of God starts mid trib, and the church is said to be spare the wrath of God. Post trib fits due to the fact that the second coming is described to be the same event as what is called the rapture, as those holding to it see God protecting the Church as he did the Jews in Egypt during the plagues.
  6. My Father was a Shriner, 33 degree Scottish rite Mason, and they are into Lucifer worship and terminology, as they have secret name of God , and have occulted rituals, so no Christian should be involved in it!
  7. Yes, and Mint is still my preferred Linux to use, as it is much better for having the codex's already set up for us to use... I would also recommend now the MX Linux, as now running 18.1, and that is what Mepis used to be!
  8. I think that Free Masonry is pretty prevalent among Baptists, especially among the SBC ones, which is strange, as their own group investigated it, and concluded that no Christian should join and be part of it!
  9. All of the Bible was inspired by God, but not all of it applies directly to us now under the New Covenant.
  10. There are no scriptures though that even hin thtta we will know the eaxact hour of His rapture event, as we are just commanded to be ready for it!
  11. What is known from the scriptures is that all of us sinned in Adam, so all of us are spiritually dead, and that the natural Man does not receive the things of God in and by themselves. We are in an enemy state against God, and must have the Holy Spirit enable us to believe in Jesus to get saved, as Ephesians 2:8-10 makes it clear that even saving faith is a gift from God towards us. The ones who believe unto Jesus are his shhep, as we believe in Him because it is thew will and calling of the father that we would do such. IF God intended all sinners to be saved by the death of Jesus, why is it that he also would eb the one sending a strong delusion upon thelost in end times to remain lost then?
  12. Have to though bear in mkind that If the will of the Lord was to have all sinners saved, there would be all saved, and did not jesus Himself state that those not Him own were children of the Devil alrerady?
  13. Yes, hebrew 9:28, John 1:13. Romans 8:29-30/Ephesians 1:5, to name a few!
  14. Calvinism is not hersy,a sits just another system/method supported in teh scriptures as to God deals with sinful humanity. I see Non cals and Cals are both saved by the grace of the Lord, but that we understand it if different ways. Basically, TULIP stands for the 5 points of Grace that calvinism is built upon for salvation, as each letter stands for a different point. Such as Total depravity, Limited Atonement, Irresistable grace etc. many times the basic problem is a communication one, as many times those against Calvinism understand the meanings in a differest fashion than we vest in those terms.
  15. Great point, as we have to stand upon the sure foundation of the scriptures that tell us that we can know that we indeed now saved of the Lord, as the Holy Spirit and the scriptures both witness to us of that truth!
  16. I am in discussion with a Baptist pastor who is really into theistic evolution, and his points revolve around accepted scientific facts of evolution, and something called the Framework Hypothesis?
  17. Jesus death was intended by God to be applied towards those whom he intended to be saved, the elect inChrist jesus. God loves us first, and then we love Him due to that truth.
  18. To the OP, all of those who have heard the Gospel of jesus and were rejecting being saved before the Rapture, will be harden off by God to believe in the Antichrist. Calvinist such as myself just would that be seeing our system as the best way to explain how the Lord saves lost sinners, due to us now beijng unable to do anyhting to save ourselves due to lost sin natured state. But again, i am not here to convert anyone to my side, just to have good Christian discussing and sharpening each other!
  19. All of us were judged by God in the fall to be now dead in Adam, and so all were lost and enemies of God. the Lord intended for the death of jesus to be intendedto save a faithful remnant chosen out from all lost hujmanity, as He will determine to save His own out, and to permit the remainder to ahve their will be done and stay in their dead sin nature states. The Cross of jesus has the Grace to have indeed saved all sinners, but the intent was to save out the Elect of God. There was a pattern for that in Israel, as God always reserved and saved out a faithful remnant unto Himself.
  20. I would say yes, that after the Rapture event, those still remaining who have heard the message of the Gospel would be the ones God blinds to the Antichrist affecting them now. I am a Calvinist, so those would also be the ones whom God did not intend to get saved, so he is continue to harden them off, just as He did to Pharaoh.
  21. One that was into Charasmatic Theology mixing with Baptist theology!
  22. I am pretty much the same theology wise as Dr macarthur, as a "leaking Dispensationalist", as he calls himself!
  23. Hello, my name is David, and posting as brand new member on this Board. My wife and I are soon to celebrate 20th anniversity, and have sons recently graduated from High School, and both of them we adopted from Russia while infants. The Lord saved me while in College, and have run the entire viewpoints within Chrsitianity, as was first in a Pentacostal church and was a teaching Elder there, then moved to Free will baptist church, and now currently on pastoral prayer team and involved in Chidren church with my Baptist Church. I am currently seeing things salvation wise from the Calvinistic/Reformed side, but all other things pretty much still baptist!
  24. Helpful to remember that the Revelation ties directly into Daniel and other OT prophecies, so the key to the symbols will be found in those other prophetic books. Also important to realise that the Book was written to address both immediate situations at time of John, and also was addressing future end time events still yet to come. The churches mentioned by John addresed by jesus would refer to various churches throughout the Church Age, and some see them as historical churches, as in various stages of the state of the Church going forward. Please remember also that the main person of the Book is Jesus Christ, not the antichrist, as some weant to elevate that person to being the main person of the prophecy.

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