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  1. They seem very confused, as against Calvinism, yet strong on eternal security, despise Dispy, and Israel, and yet the Covenant theology would be strong Calvinist though?
  2. there are certain doctrines that one can be skating tight on heresy or not though!
  3. That makes perfect sense, but just sad that one has to mix both good and bad as he does in his teaching!
  4. many other Christians would say the same about their personal favorite translation!
  5. Church Publishers out of lansing Mi does excellent work if you prefer the Kjv!
  6. One can believe in the KJv, but not hold to many wrong and at time borderline heretical beliefs!
  7. If the Baptist church believes in the Kjv as the preferred version for use, do they have to be an IBF then?
  8. Muhhammed had contact with cultic fridge so called Christianity in his region, and also with the Jews on his areas, and from those groups, he cobbled together much of his material for the Koran. That is why the references to Christians worshiping both Jesus and Mary as additional Gods, and also much of the material for the OT and jesus imported in from Jewish Apocrypha and Christian Gnostic texts! In addition to Dav id wood, other must see sites would be ones hosted by jay Smith, Pfander films, Al fadi, CIRA, and Christian Prince!
  9. There were 30 known different Arabic versions of the Koran, and at present time, 37 Arabic versions available! Not translations, but in Arabic! This refutes the Muslim take of but one Koran! Muhhammed never had the Koran at his time, as first one made after he died, and another in 652, NO copies of that available now!
  10. there are currently 37 known seperate Arabic editions of the Koran, with thousands of differences between each on of them and the accepted standard version, so even in Arabic still very bad theology! if a christian even has a bible in places such as Saudi Arabia, that is a killable offense AGAINST ISLAM! I think that many Christians have been duped into believing that Islam is this so called religion of peace, while in truth, it is a satanic counterfeit, with a false Jesus and a false gospel and a false god!
  11. The prophet Muhhammed gave forth to the Muslims the Jihad, as they do practice the law of Abrogation, which means that all of the sayings and teachings from his later years after the exile take precedence over the earlier sayings and teachings, so yes, ISIS is now practicing what the prophet of Islam told them that Allah commands them to be doing!
  12. Those such as Isis though are the closest to what their prophet Muhhamed taught, as Islam is commissioned by Allah to take over the world, and that is to be done by extreme force of need be! Islam is a Satanic counterfeit of the the messiah and real Gospel, as the angel that appeared to Muhhammed and gave to him those revelations was no doubt same one that appeared to adam and Eve and to others such as Joseph Smith! Islam does not worship Yahweh, but a satanic counterfeit!
  13. Allah told Muhhammed that he was to spread the truth of Islam by the sword to all, and that unbelievers were to submit or be killed off, while Christians and Jews could pay taxes and live, but be second class under Islam! Allah not the God of the Bible, nor was Muhhammed a true prophet!
  14. The Islam practiced today in Saudi Arabia is true Islam, as they follow what Allah and Muhhamed taught the most!
  15. God gave to us what real doctrines and practices are kin the scriptures, so everything against thta would be "false religion"
  16. They are hyper Dispy, as to them only really Paul is inspired for us for today, as the Gospels and other epistles to them were just for early church! Any who have ever been redeemed by God was on the basis of the Cross of Christ! he believed and trusted in the promised messiah yet to come, as Jesus Himself stated that Abraham saw his day and was glad! There has always been a called out and saved Elect unto God from the time of adam and Eve, as any and all sinners saved were on the basis of the Cross of christ! There has always been a called out and saved Elect unto
  17. You are correct, but believe its in the Hadith, as Muslims see the Koran and hadith as equally valid to them!
  18. Qur'an Sanctifies Lying: "We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them."
  19. The saved OT believers by God were the ones awaiting messiah to rescue them out from Hades and take them to heaven with Him, which Jesus did when he rose again! Think that the OT saints were the ones that Paul describes as being those whom God overlooked their sins and remitted them in the past, but now under the NC all saved have the indwelling and sealing by the Holy Spirit, which not all had under the old Covenant! The Faith seems to be saying that the messiah and his new Covenant has now come! OT believers were saved by same Cross and Messiah as we now are, but did not h
  20. They hold to a charismatic view of the second act of Grace, but minus speaking in tongues part!
  21. there were saved in the OT, and none by works!
  22. The OT saints were saved just as we were, due to the Cross of Christ, and them placing trust and faith in the promised messiah!
  23. Yes There are passages in the Koran that tells Muslims that Allah states that they are to smile and talk peace on outside, but to keep Jihad in their hearts, as Allah will one day destroy all unbelievers!
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