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  1. John was describing the Great tribulation time that Jesus warned about while still here on the earth...
  2. His main problem on the Bible to me was that he seemed to be saying that the 1611 kjv was inspired in exactly same fashion that the original books are were by God! And I do use the Kjv to do my studies with, but the 1769, is just the 1611 the real one then?
  3. Think that God would want to see 2 believers work it out if at all possible, but if not able to, the abused spouse free to divorce and remarry someone in the lord.
  4. Apostle Paul stated to us that God views the marriage between a lost and saved as legit, and that the believer must try to make it work out, but if the unbeliever decides to depart and divorce, that person now freed to remarry again a saved person....
  5. Focus upon what they say that the Gospel of Christ is, as you will find that it is not as we Baptists hold it as being, but that thru the 7 sacraments of grace, we can merit salvation from God. Totally makes null and void the Cross of Christ.
  6. The basis of faith, person of Jesus Chris, is who saves us.
  7. As Spurgeon himself stated, Calvinism is the Gospel, in that it expounds and explains the plan of salvation best on how God does it in the good news message of Christ.
  8. I identify myself as being a Christian, who members in a local Baptist Church, who hold to Calvinistic theology in regards to salvation itself, but do not see us as being the "only real Christians".
  9. Any who would think otherwise would have to be a non Baptist!
  10. Female pastor, charismatic activity going on, misapplication of the scriptures big red flag to me!
  11. I would say that Revelation 3, talking to the Philadelphia church, promised to be kept from that Hour, and also Chapter 4, when John goes up into heaven as a prefigure of the church rapturing out are the 2 best examples for pre trib. I see Mid trib supported by the 2 witnesses resurrecting to God mid trip, and also that the wrath of God starts mid trib, and the church is said to be spare the wrath of God. Post trib fits due to the fact that the second coming is described to be the same event as what is called the rapture, as those holding to it see God protecting the Church as he did the Jews in Egypt during the plagues. Thanks Praying LOL Confused Sad Dislike this Post Strongly Disagree
  12. The basis for anyone who has ever been saved by God was the Cross of Christ, as it has always been saved by Grace alone, received thru faith alone.
  13. 2 main reasons would be that some of them see Jesus as being the Messiah, but not being God, and others see the needs to still observe all of the OT feasts and festivals.
  14. My understanding is that all of those who heard the gospel before it happens will be unable to respond, as they are under that deluding spirit God will send unto them after the Church exits, but those who have not yet heard will be able to respond, as John saw a great multitude in heaven who came right out from the tribulation, so their will still be mass salvation...
  15. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit unto the day of our resurrection and glorification, and the term used by Paul for sealing was Roman adoption, once one was adopted, never could be undone!

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