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  1. The true Church is the Body and Bride of Jesus Christ, not just local baptists! Church has the Apostles ikn it as founding fathers, and they were not really part of a local Baptist church!
  2. Or that the father had chosen them all to be found elected to salvation in Christ, doing for them what could not do for themselves! Predestination and Election are biblical, but have to make sure its as jesus and paul tought, not as some such as calvin did! I hold to biblical calvinism.... We Calvinists are not all of the same though, as some are Hyper, some Charasmatic, some Calvinites, others like me just Calvinist!
  3. ALL who are saved think they are part of the elect, the difference is how they became elected! Think Calvin stated Hell is full of babies, but I choose to see it as God has chosen to elect unto salvation all infants!
  4. There are saved catholics, Methodists, and we Baptists, as all of us saved by same Lord Jesus and by same Grace! That would be the Church Universal!
  5. The Church of Christ is the Body of Christ, all of the redeemed, regardless of their local church name/labels! Nope, one Church Body, as they are all of the redeemed , and ech saved also part of a local church! True Church of Christ members are the saved since day of Pentecost!
  6. Predestination refers to only the Elected by the father to be now found in Christ, not to the lost! Interesting how so many non calvinists like to use term Hyper Cal, even though they are a minority fringe in Calvinism!
  7. Best news is that the Lord jesus still in charge, and he can cause what was done in the dark be exposed to the Light!
  8. Should we "accept" it in the same fashion that the Dems and media NEVER accepted that Trump was legit?
  9. Far more impofrtant is the death rate, is it still less than 1% ?
  10. Think same priest, as he was not a real Christian, but more Gnostic, and strange that Allah chose a pagan to reveal that Muhammad had received real revelations!
  11. Was that the Gnostic Christian priest that one of His wives sent him to once received his "revelations?"
  12. He was coping from Jewish Fables.Apocraphy, and from Gnostic Christians!
  13. None have perfect theology, as none are inspired, but he is one of the very best today!
  14. They seem very confused, as against Calvinism, yet strong on eternal security, despise Dispy, and Israel, and yet the Covenant theology would be strong Calvinist though?
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