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  1. True, but those saved jews knew the Promise of God to send the Messiah, and that was whom their faith and hope were in!
  2. Jesus described that place when talking about the rich man and Lazarus!
  3. Those who died believing in the promised Messiah during OT times went to Abraham's Bosom
  4. I have read various views on how the Holy Spirit operated in OT times, and many of therm even among Reformed sees Him as regenerating but not infilling them as he does now for all under the New Covenant! The souls of the redeemed depart their physical body at death to be where the lord Jesus is right now! The basis of salvation has always been the Cross of Jesus!
  5. The Holy Spirit dealt with Prophets, priests and Kings different then from "common" believers in OT!
  6. It is indeed a very good translation, but not perfect, as areas can be improved upon! That was my main point, that there were instances when the Kjv team chose Hell and should have been for the grave...
  7. I understand that the OT believers had their sins remitted and passed over, so justified and regenerated, but not indwelt by the Holy Spirit except those such as Kings and prophets!
  8. Cults and others have read that use of Hell as being the standard meaning of place of judgement, but the real meaning was the grave! There are certain areas where it should be!
  9. yes, but all of them were not indwelt by the Holy Spirit as we are now! Saved as in going to Heaven!
  10. Has God ever saved apart from the Cross of Christ?
  11. Many times they should have translated hell as Sheol! It meant in the ground, down below...
  12. We PB trace though back to earky 17th century, as the first Confession 1644!
  13. many of the Early Church fathers held to a form of that, which is called Historical Premil position.
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