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  1. Miss Daisy, you nailed it. "Discouraged by church politics..."
  2. Incurable tumor disappears from Texas girl’s brain after community lifts her in prayers https://www.christianpost.com/news/incurable-tumor-disappears-from-texas-girls-brain-after-community-lifts-her-in-prayers-229088/?fbclid=IwAR2vdC0IUtGA7iHrskXcUZoQbz0IWG-2OgziHna3dixr5G2yZuTnxHGPRRQ
  3. In Tennessee & Kentucky you don't preach against moonshine either!
  4. I have come to realize the problem with a forum such as this is that no matter what you post..., it's wrong! Now, understand I'm not a Biblical Scholar, never Pastored a Church, never attended a Bible College but it does seem to me that if an individual is under the Conviction of a Holy God..., the admitting you are guilty comes with no hesitation. Those who do 'hesitate' aren't under conviction so of course, they aren't going to admit anything.
  5. Here is a poem that I happened to find years ago published in the Sword of the Lord. I had this printed on cards and would hand it out to anyone with a small child. They Ask So Little Take time to laugh and sing, And play and cuddle them a bit, Tell them a story now and then And steal a little time to sit. And listen to their childish talk Or take them for a little walk. Take time to hear their prayers at night, to really cherish and enjoy. A little girl with flaxen curls And the small wonder of a boy. They ask so little when t
  6. A few months ago I came face to face with an image of evil that manifested itself through another, during a brief meeting at church. It is hard to adequately detail the image of evil I 'really' witnessed short of an artistic rendition. This individual came against me to the point that either satan himself or just a run of the mill demon manifested over this man and needless to say, the experience unnerved me initially while almost instantly a peace came over me. It was like nothing I had ever witnessed before! I ended the meeting and departed the room. Basically, what I witnessed
  7. Luke 23:39-42. "And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man hath done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." Salvation is so easy. This man admitted he was guilty of sin and worthy of death; h
  8. Yes indeed. A great testimony indeed. Thankfully I never had to deal with any alcoholism and have never touched any drugs other than prescribed by my Doc. I do have an addiction toward tobacco however. For many years the 'Broad Leaf' was king in my neighborhood and as a teenager I cropped it for a local farmer. Brother Stafford..., you hang in there and thanks for your honesty!
  9. @Happy Christian. Off topic question for you but since you live in that neck of the woods I assume you're aware of all the Bigfoot Sightings? May I ask what you're opinion on all of that might be. I live in Onslow County, North Carolina and even we have had 4 or 5 reported sightings. Personally, I would hate to run up on one of those things even though I consider them satanic in nature. Right up there with all the UFO's sighted around the world. To me they are all part of the Great Deception. ...what do you think?
  10. Religion is the following of mandates as established by a hierarchy of men in their respective organizations..., such as the Catholic Church. Christianity on the other hand is following the teachings of Jesus. If you ask ANY of those in the various 'religions' of the world they will tell you that yes, they are following the teachings of Jesus but in truth, only to the point it tickles their ears. Not long ago a person asked me what religion I was. I told him I didn't have a religion. He then asked me if I was an atheist or an agnostic at which time I said, “No, neither. I am a Born
  11. Jim, your church is very fortunate. The one I came from hosted a retired USMC Major, a mustanger, who just can't give up the ego rush of being in charge.
  12. A 'businessman with his own little power clique' is a Church Politician! A local church belongs to the Lord..., end of subject! The last church I belonged to caused me to see an evil presence manifest itself through a man and believe me. No horns; no pitchfork; no spiked tail..., just an evil presence! For sure it unnerved me and as I got up to leave a peace came over me. I certainly don't care to witness that anytime soon.
  13. I read an article this morning regarding the loss of church membership(s) throughout South Carolina. Of all the reasons listed I couldn't help but notice the absence of Church Politicians as being a cause. We all know they are on sight, right? The ones with the deep pockets; the ring knockers; the clique, those of which their great, great grandpa laid the cornerstone back in 1942 and through association believe they alone own the church building. I've been in churches up and down the East Coast since 1972 and have found that almost ALL of them to be eating themselves into oblivion beca
  14. ...so who is your proofreader? I do suppose however what I need is a ghost writer.
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