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  1. We have put together a five year plan with (about 200 lessons) story lines, activities, object lessons, and power points. Materials offered at near cost to produce. Interested?
  2. Don't quote me on this, but quotes are like spices. A little chili powder is good, but...you get the idea. If only the Word of God is used then I would be a lector, not a preacher. Also, see Paul in the sermon on Mars Hill. What Bible text did heuse? Why did he quote a pagan philosopher?
  3. I have had a problem with the terms expository, textual, topical. Every expository sermon has a topic and should use supporting texts; every textual sermon should have great exposition and a topic; every topical sermon should have supporting texts and great exposition. I have heard men think they were expository but only gave a running commentary to a passage. I think of Paul's recorded sermons and they weren't very expository by our standards. I have preached verse by verse at times, and series based on themes, but always careful to give good exposition and supporting Scriptures.
  4. I have a few group/leader study guides i have prepared...Romans, Pastoral Epistles, Minor Prophets. You have probably found what you need by now, but contact me if you are interested.
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