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  1. Lila

    Pleasing God & Peace

    Many times when someone is mean to you and harms you and you love them and pray for them it works. Maybe always but sometimes it just take long time and you may never know it. I wish all people could live in peace together and love God and all others and take good care of nature and animals. I believe that when you love God then that is what you want in your heart.
  2. Lila

    Pleasing God & Peace

    What if one reason for suffering is for all believers to unite and pray together loving each other and glorify and love God and Jesus. With lot of people together it is easier to make good changes in this world in God's name. Then others will want to join too. It also makes people rely in God and make you want to help others more after experiencing their pain. If God answers my prayer now then I will surely tell others of God's goodness and love and seek to help others who suffer with new positivity that with God's help anything is possible.
  3. Pray with me and my child that we can live happily together without fear and any more harm done to us. Pray that God and Jesus will pour Their love on us. Pray that God will open judges eyes to know the crimes done to us, severity of them and suffering and life long traumas they have caused especially to my innocent little child. Pray for us to stay strong in faith and healthy and that God will stop all harm done to us. Pray that God will let criminals and wrong doers feel the suffering they have caused so that they would never hurt anyone again. I pray that they (and all) will become God's children and learn to love and then be forgiven and loved but if they choose evil ways then pray with us that God will stop them harming us and others. Please pray with us together with strong faith knowing it will happen and God will answer and make mine and my child prayers come true. I have done that with others to a loved one who was given at most a day to live by her doctor and she healed completely and is healthy and happy now. May God bless you for your love and prayers for us and others. I pray all good things to you and your loved ones.
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