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    Faithful Baptist College?

    Hello Jordan, I'm very sorry for the delay to reply your post. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope you're fine and doing pretty well. Thank you for your inquiry. Its true I am a Ugandan by nationality or I can say that I was born and grew up in Uganda. However, I've never travel to Arua personally though its part of my country - Uganda. I should say, you're most welcome to Uganda in advance. The most beautiful country in Africa. Of course we can connect together when you come to Uganda. I live in the Southern Part of Uganda approximately 150km from Uganda's Capital - Kampala. We normally fear to go those ends since they are near Southern Sudan. There is a lot of insecurity especially along the roads. However, there is some improvement now. I shall be personally grateful to hear from you when you come as well as seeing you personally as you do your missionary work. Ngabo Adrian

    Faithful Baptist College?

    For I'm also a student of this college. Actually I'm in the Fourth Year of my Bachelor's Degree in Theology. The courses are very good and I highly recommend them to any Christian who want have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. This is especially useful to people who are called in ministry. Pastor Warners teachings and lesson notes are more practical than theoretical. On the case of being a Brider or Not, it requires someone to take a closer look at the lesson notes in Year Three about prophecy - Studies in the Book of Revelation. God Bless You. Adrian From Uganda