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  1. samsingh2018

    Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies

    Thanks, Everyone for sharing your recipes.. Now Finally I can impress my wife...
  2. samsingh2018

    Were You There?

    wowww, just loved it..great work..Appreciated.. God bless you
  3. samsingh2018

    The beauty of creation

    God has given everything to this universe from plants to human beings. We should value his creation and should not do those activities which harm the nature and disrupt the balance of the earth.
  4. samsingh2018

    Is anyone an NBA fan?

    Yes, Bro, I am a fan of NBA.!! Cheers
  5. samsingh2018

    I have often wondered where this was ....

    hahaha hahaha. Nice one mates I have also used this one. Didn't like it at all
  6. samsingh2018

    Anyone use Gravatar?

    Yes, I have used this platform and regularly use it as well for using display picture for my blogs.
  7. samsingh2018

    Love is better then selfishness

    Yes, you are right. Love is a pure blessing from God which we should never forget it. But we all are becoming selfish and forget our prime motive i.e. Spreading love and happiness in the world.
  8. samsingh2018

    Which Is Your Favorite Sport?

    I love to play cricket and Football. Both are my favorite.. I wish one day I play for my country Thanks
  9. samsingh2018

    The story of the killer owl

    Wohh that is amazing. Great thought and creativity. Thanks, Cheers..!!
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