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  1. veelas

    My husband's Uncle George

    I'm sorry for your loss....
  2. veelas

    the Nubi of Uganda

    Ohh okay. Well, I hope you stay safe always :)
  3. veelas

    Homeschool Education

    I hope that works out well for you and your children. Good luck!
  4. veelas

    New Evangelism Course

    Thanks for making it free. I will give it a listen!
  5. veelas

    the Nubi of Uganda

    Thanks for preaching. I hope you are kept safe in an unknown country.
  6. veelas

    Prayer for Clarence

    I hope and pray that the matter will be solved soon. But if it's God's will, then thy will be done. Maybe there is another job better waiting for him someday.
  7. veelas

    Soul Mates versus Arranged Marriages

    I think the reason why arranged marriages also work is because the couple work hard together for the family and for their offsprings. There might not be love at first, but they build love upon the foundations of their marriage, To be honest, I am a little bit jealous of people who found love within an arranged marriage. I have put love first before fortifying the relationship and it got me nowhere but heartbreak.
  8. veelas

    New Member

    Hello guys. I'm a new member here. Pleased to meet you all!