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  1. Thanks Omega, I am very happy to meet someone who shares my views in this forum based on the concept that most of youths in the world are being brought up in the ungodly way and this is what is affecting the modern generation since most of them fail to find a motive on why they are living. But the idea is quite different from my community, ironically parents are depending on their children in order to improve the families living conditions in the camp that is why most youths ends up making bad choices that leads them astray. That is why they need God or the divine innervation for them to be grown spiritually hence as well as the material support
  2. Thanks for this information Alain, i really would like to tell you that you have been very supportive to me, the love and blessings of our father be with you
  3. Thanks a lot Alone, I at least feel at home.. when people are together who shares the same faith vision and goal no one ever feels like a stranger.. in personal my actual name is Prince (it carries a lot of meaning on its on based on my social and racial rank back when my family was still in my home country DRC Congo) and my family name is Lokendo... actually all those names don't really matter to me as long as i have one unique name ... I am a born again christian, i feel like that the most special name than all. I am a youth chair person at our church and in some other times i am a secretary mostly when it tends to writing things in English. Dzaleka refugee camp is based in a country called Malawi, in Africa . The camp is composition of people from various parts of Africa including those from D.R. Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and some Malawians community members in general. This church is among churches that fostered peace and cooperation among refugees from these nations as they were finding difficulties to coexist with each other. Though neglected by most local churches but to my experience this has been one of the churches that helps in giving people hope and something to believe in the refugee camp. Speaking of the situation in Malawi, the country itself is strangling now you can imagine how hard life is for refugees in Malawi but we Thank the Almighty God for is abundant grace towards all refugees because we are surviving by the grace of God.
  4. Ever since i joined this group, I have only been hearing of ladies forum and many other more but i haven't heard anyone speaking about youths. does that mean most youths have lost their way in this group we really have to stand and serve our God when we still have the energy and the potential to instead of wasting our little lives on things that have no reward in return.
  5. Hello Happy, I am a member of Dzaleka Baptist church here in Dzaleka refugee camp sorry for the delay in responding its all apart of the challenges that we encounter here in the community (communication problems) our pastors name is Charles Bizimana and our church is located in the central region of malawi , Dowa, in a refugee camp Dzaleka the post address is Dzaleka Baptist church P. O. Box 16, Dowa Malawi you can contact me on princelokendo@gmail.com based on the concept that i tend to be the only one who regularly finds a little access to internet Its really an important thing to hear that most people still preserve their faith even after being ressettled, its a great sign that their are indeed rooted in their belief and that is what our church here in the refugee camp does, it helps in rooting people in faith hence making them realize the real importance of their salvation.
  6. I would love it if you at least collaborate with youths at our church by so doing it would make them feel to be at least a part of something. for example you might plan to visit the Dzaleka refugee camp and talk to them or maybe send some missionaries to visit them all this would help in giving them hope hence they would move forward in their christian way of life
  7. my name is Prince Lokendo, I am a baptist member ever since i was a little boy and i am based in Dzaleka refugee camp here in malawi. for many years our church has been healing many peoples souls and giving hope to the hopeless refugees from Rwanda, D.R.C Congo, Burundi and Somalis. Being the youth Representative in our church, i found it to be the most profound thing to do because i love Jesus and I believe that my life would be nothing without his intervention. It is very difficult to run youth association in our church that is why i ask for your intervention

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