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  1. Hi Ronda, If you or any one cares to look at my blog series of the `Tribulation Calendar`(Worthy Christian Forum) then they will see that I have NOT made a date for the rapture. That is NOT in God`s word, What I have done is put all of the numbers concerning Israel and the nations on a time line and then fitted then in to God`s festivals. That is just a study of eschatology using ONLY God`s numbers and His festivals. Some people jump to conclusions and haven`t even read what I wrote. The dates (plural) are for the various events that God gives numbers for in His word. regards, Marilyn. BTW Sorry Jordan that your thread ha been side tracked by `witch hunters.`
  2. Hi Alan, I can understand that we are seeing things differently, and sorry that you think I have been playing games. That would be quite disrespectful not only to you but to God`s word and the listeners. Hope we can discuss perhaps on other topics, regards, Marilyn.
  3. Hi Alan, No, just some one who studies eschatology. The numbers are there along with God`s festivals for Israel. Marilyn. Thank you Alan, very kind of you. And I would be interested to hear people`s thoughts on that series or any other of my blogs, my personal thoughts. regards, Marilyn.
  4. Hi Alan, BTW have you read the whole blog on that topic? Be interested to hear what you think of how I see God`s numbers in His word. And also blogs are people`s opinions. Marilyn.
  5. Hi Alan, Wow, I didn`t know I was so .....well...known. Glad you brought that up. Yes I have done some calculations according to God`s numbers in His word. That is my `opinion` for the time of the Peace treaty etc. The date of the rapture is not known or given in God`s word. However God does clearly say, referring to the day of the Lord, (tribulation) and thus rapture before that - `But ye brethren are not in darkness that this day, (day of the Lord) should overtake you as a thief.` (1 Thess. 5: 4) `...exhorting one another; and so much the more as you see the day (of the Lord) approaching.` (Heb. 10: 25) As we will see the day of the Lord, the tribulation approaching then the rapture would be before that. And I believe that the Holy Spirit will quicken believer`s hearts right across the Body as the time draws very near. regards, Marilyn.
  6. Hi Jim, Thank you for being interested. As I said previously we attended an Anglican church, where my husband was brought up in. Nowadays we meet in a house type church of believers, but not specifically of a denomination. Remembering that all denominations have been started at some point in history. We do relate to other believers in different denominations in our area. And as to my beliefs you can read them and discuss with me concerning those. I think it is great to share and learn from each other. We all have some area we have done more study in and I appreciate those who have looked more deeply into areas that I have not. My emphasis, or study has mainly been in the area of eschatology, though my great passion is mentoring which I have done over the years. regards, Marilyn. Hi Alan, 1. No. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. Marilyn.
  7. Hi NN, No, I`m not into word-play. Now we know that God spoke through men in the past and inspired them to write the books of the Bible. Some words are about history, some of prophecy etc. All are an unfolding of Christ, as He is the centre of the Bible. Some prophecies concerning Christ have been fulfilled and some are yet to come. I believe, and think you would too, that what ever God says, then it will come to pass, It is settled. regards, Marilyn.
  8. Hi Alan, Wow, you do have some questions for me.....I`d probably have no for most of those. As to prophecy for future events, dates etc. Well, I tend to see Prophecy more in the light of - `The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.` (Rev. 19: 10) and - `...he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.` (1 Cor. 14: 3) When a teacher of the word brings forth what he believes the Holy Spirit would have him speak to the congregation, then to me he is speaking the now word of the Lord. Perhaps highlighting some portion of scripture that the Holy Spirit is focussing on at that time. Prophecy is God speaking, I believe. It is not always about the future - forth telling not always foretelling. Hope that is clearer as to what I believe.. regards, Marilyn.
  9. Hi wretched, Thank you for talking so graciously. I do appreciate that. And I so agree that `God`s word`s when He speaks are more powerful than we would ever know.` God tells us that through His Son He made the worlds, and that by His most powerful word He continues to uphold it all. `God,....has spoken to us by His Son,....by whom also He made the worlds;...and upholding all things by the word of His power...` (Heb. 1: 2 & 3) Then we know that when the armies of the world surround Jerusalem that the Lord`s voice will cause the heavens and the earth to shake. The mountains and the cities of the world will fall! `I will gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat,......The Lord also shall roar out of Zion, and utter His voice from Jerusalem; and the heavens and the earth shall shake;....` (Joel 3: 1 & 16) `And there were voices, and thunders and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake , such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake and so great, and the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell....and every island fled away and the mountains were not found,` (Rev. 16: 18 - 20) Yes I agree wretched that when the Lord comes in power and great glory His word of authority in judgment, against the armies of the world, is very powerful. `And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem. Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.` (Zech. 14: 12) I also agree that the Lord is in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. However one day when I have my new body, immortal and incorruptible, then I shall see the Lord, and just not through a glass darkly. I will have become fully mature and then have the ability, (by the Holy Spirit) to comprehend the Lord more in all His glory. regards, Marilyn.
  10. Hi Invicta, I wonder why we call it `tea,` when that is a drink, most popular with you Brits, ay? Here in OZ we`re succumbed to `coffee.` Marilyn.
  11. Hi wretched, Good thoughts there bro. Now I am talking about the paper and ink, the bible as we have it. Of course the Lord is the Word, the very mind of God. Now as you said, we are told that the earth and the heavens will be burnt up, so that includes all the Bibles that are on earth. When we appear with the Lord in glory then we will not need to read about Him for we shall see Him face to face. All the historic, wisdom and knowledge and prophecies of God`s word will all have been fulfilled. The perfect will have come. Perfect relationship with Christ the Head of the Body. regards, Marilyn. Hi NN, Yes the Word of God stands forever, but not the paper and ink of our Bibles. The true word is the very mind and thoughts of God. And how precious they are towards us. regards, Marilyn.
  12. Hi Dave, You have explained what you think, but what you said is NOT clear as per scripture. Does your minister just read the Bible, OR does he also exhort, edify and encourage by the Holy Spirit, what the Spirit would say to the believers. Of course he does. God still speaks through his ministers today, expounding His word and clarifying His word to people. Of course it is NOT extra revelation, but still God speaking, (prophecy) as per 1 Cor. 14. Eventually the Bible will be done away with as we shall see the Lord and not just read about Him. regards, Marilyn.
  13. Hi Dave, Another question, (besides the ones previous) it seems to me you are saying that what Paul knew earlier was the part and when the whole Bible came together then that is the perfect. (Is that how you see it?) If so then God`s word says the `part` is done away with!!!! So that would mean certain parts of the Bible done away with!!!! Not quite making sense to me there bro. regards, Marilyn.
  14. You certainly all know how to cook a good meal! Here in sunny, (hot) Aussie land we, (hubby and I) are having for tea, (evening meal) trout - caught by hubby on fishing trip, and chips, which I will make from potatoes. I do like sweet potato chips also. regards, Marilyn.
  15. Hi Dave, That is quite a good presentation there bro. And I would agree with you that no more `special` revelation is needed as God`s word is complete. The Bible is God`s full unfolding revelation of Christ, His character and His purposes. Now, when your minister gets up to preach does he just read God`s word? Or does he give his opinions on God`s word? Or, hopefully he will exhort, encourage and edify the believers by expounding on God`s word. What say you? regards, Marilyn.

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