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  1. Luke 15:11

    Thanks for hosting this!

    Thanks to all who responded. Hopefully, I will learn a lot and make new friends.
  2. Luke 15:11

    Thanks for hosting this!

    I had no spiritual beliefs at all until I was about 40. Then I identified myself as a "Christian" because I was neither Jew nor Muslim, Hindu nor Buddhist. I have a degree in Biblical Archaeology, but many BA's are agnostics, at best. It was a sermon on the Prodigal Son (Luke 15) that made me realize that I was a combination of both the younger and the older son. In my older son mode, I didn't think I had to be "saved". I could not understand what I had done to require saving. The minister, Bryant Wright, framed this so perfectly that I could not deny that I had placed myself before everyone, most importantly God. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and I thank God that moment came before it was too late.
  3. Luke 15:11

    Thanks for hosting this!

    I was raised in an SBC church in the 1960's -70's, but quickly drifted far afield. Several years ago I became interested in Reformed Theology as an intellectual exercise. I thought I was humoring my wife recently when she suggested we attend church. The sermon was perfectly timed, and I was absolutely convicted! Starting my journey with Christ at age 64.