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  1. Andrea

    Hunting yummy things

    Thanks guys!
  2. Andrea

    Hunting yummy things

    Jim_Alaska, My husband recently got his first wild hog, small pretty much a piglet. We got a tenderloin and some pork butt roasts out of it. What are some ways to cook it to keep it from being dry?
  3. Andrea

    Pray for our church please

    Thank you, Jim. Here is the link to our church website: https://www.hopebaptistcolorado.org
  4. Andrea

    Pray for our church please

    Thank you. It is Hope Baptist Church, Loveland, Colorado. Shane Book would be the primary contact, I don't know his phone number.
  5. Our church is losing our pastor as he is leaving for a missions ministry. Pray for wisdom for the pulpit committee as they search for a new pastor. Thank you.
  6. Andrea

    Ladies Forum

    Would a lady moderator give me the password to access the ladies forum? Thank you