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  1. That makes more sense, since you cannot turn your face to someone you have your back to. The only part that gets me now is why those cold in faith would call out to God in their distress as told to us in Jeremiah 2:27. I mean, as explained to us elsewhere in the bible, the Israelites had such faith that Jerusalem, the holy city, was unbeatable.
  2. I may be wrong. I did some research, since I believe you may be correct in that people are turning their backs to God instead of just their face. However, my research bore out my original conclusion that people are turning their face towards God in this verse while keeping their back to Him. I read these verses for my research: https://bible.knowing-jesus.com/topics/Turning-One~s-Back Jeremiah 18:17 and Exodus 33:23 are verses that express your point that a back is turned and a face is not shone. In this case God's figurative back and face. However, that is not the same language
  3. I don't subscribe to the churches in Revelation pertaining to church ages, but I have noticed that the scandal here is not that most Christians are lukewarm. I reserve the distinction of being lukewarm for the regular churchgoer who contributes half-heartedly as if to mock God and might tithe say 10% of his or her income but would never consider going more. Who volunteers at church on Saturday but is just like everyone else it seems when they hit the work week. This definition lets me know when I myself backslide and have to love God with a whole heart, remembering my first love. Something tha
  4. Thank you for your reply's. I will have to read that article you linked me Jordan Kurecki. I thought I was in a solid bible-believing church until I started to read the bible closely to study it. I now ask pointed questions and get responses like "God will fix our doctrinal problems in heaven, so don't worry too much about doctrine" from a church leader I respect highly. I increasingly feel isolated and need to find a church. Jordan recommended one and things have quieted down enough to go to a new church this Sunday. It has taken me time because of my desire to stay at my Southern Baptis
  5. Someone on another message board said: "today...people do not read [the bible], do not study [the bible], and would rather be entertained. They cant handle the diligent study that comes from books, so they prefer videos." How big a problem is this in our churches? Is it a problem at all? I have noticed the journey in my own church to playing the Lion King and the Matrix on the big screen to excite people into studying the bible. I have seen the relentless videos before the sermon or even in place of the sermon, not to mention the video studies on a weekday night. All of which are appe
  6. Thank you for your counsel. I will have to find a church where I can help out with visitation. I am currently between churches. Honestly, I was told by friends at my last church to make a book out of my testimony. I guess I got wrapped up in the idea of making a book because of them, and the idea I could help the Kingdom with my story. I see now, though, that my testimony doesn't need to be a book. In fact it can just be a short story that builds to an invitation. I already have a rough draft of that short story, so I do want to use it to help the Kingdom, but you are right that I need t
  7. Thank you for your wise words. I now know I was saved a few months ago when I finally accepted I was a wretched little sinner who needed Jesus to save me from hell. You are right, knowledge does not save. I just have to trust the Word.
  8. Now, twelve years after my baptism, I was reading the bible in one of the most trying times of my life. I was struck by the reality of the resurrection of the dead and the Day of Judgment while reading 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and Revelation 20:10 through 21:8. I knew that I would face Jesus one day and be judged by Him, and I began to feel a tremendous conviction concerning my sins. I then began to feel an overwhelming conviction of my sin, and I became terrified of death as I figured I was going to the Lake of Burning Sulfur when I died. I believed this because I knew that I had lived a sin
  9. Another thing I was just told is that I should preach Christ and not me. That leads me to ask a question: Is a biography just a book about me that I should not look to primarily as an evangelism tool?
  10. I have an amazing testimony to share in the hope it will help win souls to Jesus, the Son of God. However, I wonder how to present my testimony. Here is a chapter from my autobiography. I got the idea of writing an autobiography for soul winning when I was told by a friend at church that this chapter alone happening in my life meant I should write a book: The God of All Creation Now, while I was in college, I had two Christian friends, a couple, whose faith I became interested in. So, I decided to ask them how to understand Christianity. They told me to read the Bible starting with t
  11. The Impossible Love of The God of All Creation Now, while I was in college, I had two Christian friends, a couple, whose faith I became interested in. So, I decided to ask them how to understand Christianity. They told me to read the Bible starting with the Gospels and pray, and I would see that a Christian life would grow on me as it had for them. I also asked them for something philosophical to read that summed up Christianity and they gave me the book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Now, I did pray, but I found that in my heart I believed God existed to me, but in my mind He did
  12. I praise the Lord, the God of the Old Testament and the New, that He is leading me into His truth! It seems he has erased all the damage I did to myself by being a Moderate, Charismatic Christian for twelve years. I praise Him for leading me right and reversing my folly in this last year and change, since becoming a Believer. After so many years lost in sin and heading to hell when I died, He has saved me and I will prove true in my faith.
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