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  1. "List of sins". HA HA HA! Uh those heretics need to be called out. Just admit. You are butthurt (likely literally) because he rightly rebukes Sodomy. Speaking of dogs. I suppose you wouldn't like this place being rebuked either?
  2. Yeah I should have been more specific. The original post by Matthew 24 was good and I'm sure that many followers here are good. But some of YOU (aimed more specifically) seem to be Sodomite sympathizers at the very least. That's why you get triggered like a snowflake by some bold preaching. BTW, you can go back just 20 yrs and find a lot of IFB pastors talking just like Anderson. Go search Mark Turner sermon "Be Instance". Here is a sample of that. This is old school Baptist preaching. http://godgunsgutsglory.com/blog/?p=66
  3. That's not profanity. Those "f words" are proper when speaking about such dogs. Sodomites are reprobate. I'm about 50 yrs old and have yet to EVER see one Sodomite get saved. There are a bunch of fake Christian sodomites however. They are setting up church everywhere so they can take over Christianity. Maybe you are one of them. AmeriKa needs a whole lot more bold preachers just like Steven Anderson. And thank God there are about 6 more that have started churches over the last few years and DOZENS more are coming up. While these true Bible preachers rise up for a real reviv
  4. Steven Anderson uses profanity? You sound like you been listening to Bryan Dillinger too much! Sorry. Liar. "Whore", "Piss", "Bastard"? Are those the words you are referring to? Those are bible words.
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