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  1. Be gone, Rabbi, nor interfere again. What had they done, them pigs, what was their sin against you that you could not leave them be? Now get you hence. Go back to Galilee--- we hear they still appreciate your pearls of wit, there. Preach to hicks and barefoot girls, tax men and harlots---all those have believed your words. Around here, shall we be deceived? One question, though---was that man's life so fine, so meaningful, you had to drown our swine to save him? Did you not compute the cost of wasting hogs to spare a man that lost? We do not want you here, d
  2. The Lord has blessed these many years, and I am growing old. The twilight calls my spirit, as these memories unfold. Leaving behind all worldly things, I say my finest work was in the job that I have cherished long: our church's clerk. Here, in this little building that has stood a century, I kept the records of our fellowship for all to see. Our heritage is precious. Over by that one side door, Gramps Davis told us how he lived through Shiloh, in the War. Each harvest time, our Sunday School put on a jubilee--- fried chicken and the fixin's under
  3. View Edit [for Lady Certainly] That night, we swore our faithfulness unto the very end. We all spoke in a proud, courageous tone. Bu when the temple guards came, armed, into Gethsemane, we ran. He had to face them all alone. Three years we walked with Him. We saw the miracles He did. His Words had brought us joy as never known in all the world before those days. Despite all He had done for us, we left Him standing there alone. Three trials, before pr
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