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  1. Pray for my salvation I want faith I want to believe my life is a lonely struggle I work hard to raise my daughters alone my wife who is not the mother of my children left me just as their mother did but I do my best maybe I have too much immaturity and too much lack of faith actually I have no faith I don't know if I ever did but I'm reaching out to anyone who will show me how to have faith but reading scriptures does not help I do not know why but someone has to imprint an impression on my soul and heart and bypass my stubborn mind there has to be a way because I want to believe I really do and not just for my soul but my children's how do I find faith it's seems so troublesome to ask but maybe just maybe there is someone out there who has the right answer to explain and make me understand the answer I'm trying to learn trying to believe but it's a struggle
  2. How do I find faith and believe in heaven I want so badly to believe so I can join everyone else in this feeling I hear I grew up listening to the Baptist preaching spent my youth in church and church camp thinking I believed but as I got older and more stubborn I feel no faith a complete denial but I want that feeling of knowing it's real but I can't figure out how to make myself believe I'm a single dad my wife recentley left me I don't know what I should do everyday seems a mental struggle a balance between working myself to death or just giving up I am heart broken at the moment and I wonder if anyone can understand how living in this world with these everyday struggles can relate what made you believe what made you have faith in someone you've never seen in person or talked to in person or believe a book that was written and rewritten and translated multiple times over that it's not a fairy tale that it's real how do I find that where do you get your faith to believe if I could find that well of faith I believe I'd drink until my eyes floated out of their sockets but alas I can't I've tried maybe you might have an explantion that would help I want to believe I really do please help me find faith
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