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  1. that is the question: is it allowed for some worship like maybe just for song specials, or for groups that sing , or for preaching, or for the choir songs or for just keeping beat.... what do you do in your church?
  2. I am not sure if this has been covered, but I was wandering if you all might tell whether your church allows clapping in the services ? what has been your experience or view of clapping in worship meetings. do you believe its appropriate for some worship, all ,or none at all? I am interested to see where churches stand today on the issue . thanks
  3. has anyone compared the two programs and know which would be the best ? and whether you must have a certain windows to download them ? how much is sword searcher after 30 days? maybe I'm in the wrong place to ask this
  4. please accept my apology brethren if I don't not agree with you and there be any offence, but obviously we are most likely grounded in our belief as I would kindly disagree with your rebuttals . so the questions is whether we can accept what we clearly believe to be error from each other and be done with this saga. as I posted my purpose was to simply declare our stand, and not to argue the point. I am sure there are many areas where we do agree and can have good fellowship. I have friends in the ministry who understand the we do not agree on many issues and we are willing to let it go: at ti
  5. I would like to get a penny for my thoughts, but don't expect any change back. the reason in season and out , as well as myself and some others called bible believers agree along the same lines is basically due to our method of study which is based upon 2nd Timothy 2:15 ..." rightly dividing the word of truth"... for example, we believe that what paul wrote to the church was just that , it was to the church and should not apply to the Jews or to Gentiles until they become a part of the church. when our Lord said in matthew 24:13 "But He that shall endure unto the
  6. Personally, I like the free meal Baptist!!!!!
  7. yes su, ifin dat don wuk, I kin perdooce sum moa tangs to.
  8. As Solomon's wisdom is being displayed he tells the servants to bring a sword and divide the living baby and to give each woman half. As we consider this spiritually we know that Gods church is his living baby. it needs to be fed, guided, nourished, corrected,,chastened, and cared for in many other ways. To many times its is divided ( split ) for the sake of the baby that is dead. to many times Gods people give new meaning to raising the dead. a dead baby can not be helped, you cant change it, you cant correct it , it will not eat. you cant gain anything from a dead baby but a stink! however t
  9. I am a pastor, looking for a place of fellowship ( not battleship ) if I have wronged anyone please accept my humble apology! my desire is to encourage and be encouraged, I am a bible believing Baptist, and I take the word of God literally where possible , when not ,I take it spiritually.first and foremost I am a born again Christian, I am not afraid of debates in its time and place. no one has to agree with everything I say as long as I am in a place where I have a right to say it. if I am addressing someone or being addressed I don't think others should have to wonder in confusion about what
  10. Joe Coley

    To much power!

    Our Lord led this blind man out of town, put spit on his eyes and asked him if he saw ought. the blind man said "I see men as trees walking". now I have read many sermons and commentaries on this subject and it seems they all have one thing in agreement , that for many different reasons given our Lord was unable to accomplish the task when he first attempted it. some say because of their unbelief,others because of the area he was in......etc.If you all would bear with me a little in my folly, I heard that somewhere,lol may I suggest the one thing to consider that I found in kmow writings, and
  11. brother Jim, this is Pastor Coley, I will not make implications so you can try to figure out who is he referring to. I am not a novice and have been in the ministry and studying this book for 30 years. I have a BA , MA AND 2 PHDS and trashed them all because they were unscriptural as best as I understood. from an IFB school. I haven't bashed anyone here because they disagree with me, my desire was to (be a help and blessing as a teacher of the word. it is however obvious that if I do not agree with the doctrines of this board that I am a heretic , ( them , the some, the they,.....) I have on b
  12. WOW!!!! EVER LEARNING?.........
  13. food for thought: God had to protect the tree in the garden or Adam could have eaten of it and had eternal life. the disciples were not born again until they believed after his resurrection . in luke 24 they came to put spices on a dead body , not to witness his resurrection, he told them many times he would be taken , killed and rise again and they understood not the things he said.the spirit was given them in John for a special purpose not for salvation. he told Peter "after you are converted...." a man is not save in the millinial reign by faith because faith will be site, for jes
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