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  1. May God bless you and yours on your birthday. 👏

  2. Can I answer your question with a question? How are the "tribulation saints" saved after the rapture? Faith alone?
  3. Here is my humble answer. While I agree salvation was by grace through faith before the law was given, but after the law was given, they couldn't just have faith and reject God's commandments. They needed a sin offering , shedding of blood of an animal of some sort to cover their sin. (While no one ever goes to heaven apart from the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, how his blood is applied differs in each dispensation). Galatians 3:19 Wherefore then serveth the law? It was added because of transgressions, till the seed should come to whom the promise was made; and it was ordained by angels
  4. The church im a part of is so big, a single building cannot contain us.... know what I mean? I don't go to a "church building" anymore. There was an IFB church I went to a few times that's good, but its an hour away and I can't afford to drive there every week. Theres been a few churches in town i went to , but in all good conscience cannot attend. I think I said a few things about it here and elsewhere on this site... I don't remember. But that's all i want to say. I don't feel like, or even feel comfortable talking about it with someone i don't know. Hope you understand. I've
  5. Brother, in no way was this the case. If you look back over the last few posts, you'll see we have a lot of agreements. Sure I ask a lot of questions but I believe they were important to the discussion. Sorry we didn't see that the same way.
  6. ohhkay... sorry about that. Thanks for clarifying. My point in using Matt. 10 was to say the early church consisted only of Jews. This is an easy fact. The 12 disciples were all Jews. This was all I was saying with this scripture. (but you said : "I feel, that you are trying to get around, or complicate, this doctrine by miss-using typology, Matthew 10:5& 6Acts 1:5 and 1 Corinthians 12:13 to say something they are not saying " as if you believe otherwise than what the text plainly said. Obviously Jesus had dealings with the Samaritans, but it does not contradict Matt 10, - but anyway this
  7. Yes i already understand this. I did say Stephen was not referring to the NT church Correct.... you misunderstood me.... Yes "at the moment of the death of Christ it was possible" ; "to be a part of the body of Christ" .... but that did not actually happen UNTIL Pentecost, in other words, AT Penetecost, even though as Eph. 2:16 says it was made possible by the Cross. Absolutely Ephesians 2:16-20, is basically in short summary, saying Jews and Gentiles are now one body, made possible by the cross. 19-20 "Now therefore ye (Gentiles) are no more strangers and foreigne
  8. Okay, now we're getting somewhere :) I agree with everything on your post above, except I still think we should discuss Acts 7:38 more, in how they were "the church.." I agree, but this is where it gets technical and confusing I the sense that terms need to be defined. I agree Jesus did not build the "NT church in the wilderness" , but I believe he did "call out" (maybe not necessarily "build") the church in the wilderness (Israel - not NT church) Not to get sidetracked by the Godhead, but "the angel of the Lord" ( Exodus 3:2-6) was said to bring Israel out of Egypt. And the
  9. Sure, thanks for asking the way you did. Quick question though which will determine how I respond.. Do you believe that OT Jews were saved by looking forward to the cross ? Or are you saying they were just saved by faith?
  10. Well first nay i politely ask why didn't you answer my questions? ... And I knew how you were using those scriptures to falsely assume OT Jews were saved by faith and not the law. (BTW: Baptists are not the final authority. The Bible is. You know that. I know that :) But dealing with the scriptures you posted in Galatians. I know the context of Galatians, Jews were trying to put Christians back under the law. Christians are not under the law, but Jews were! - Even reference any orthodox Jew today, he will not tell you he is saved by "faith alone". The word faith only appears twice in the
  11. I'm new here so idk what this is all about... I hope ive contributed to some good discussions, but if anyone thinks my posts are the "worse" ones, then it'd be nice for them to let me know ... only one person has reached out and communicated with me. Other than that, i just joined this site for fellowship, and idk if this is what im looking for here.... I'm enjoying the discussions so far... sure we have some disagreements, but that's no reason to be contentious.
  12. I feel this same way. I just want to make it clear I never said this. ( I know my original post is long and there are becoming many comments on this thread so again, so again I don't even know who said this but it wasn't me)
  13. Ok. I agree with everything on the first section called "The beginning of the church". But with your quote I cited, is the church in effect AT Mt. 16:18 ? Or PRIOR to 16:18 ? Or is the church yet future... "...I will build..." ? Secondly does the church only consist of Israel (up until the gospel goes to Gentiles with Paul obviously) With this in mind, is it fair to say the church was Israel ? I would say prior, - Acts 7:38 which I quoted many times.... this is why I asked you " are these 2 DIFFERENT churches? I agree with everything in the 2nd section "The Prophet and messenger.
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