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  1. A brochure to the U.S. military is used to ignite an interest in a young man to go and speak with a recruiter. Sometimes young men make the decision quickly when they take a look at the brochure because to them, it made sense. Sometimes young men go and speak with a recruiter and ask more questions because they simply do not know. The gospel written on the back of a tract can be used to ignite an interest to know more about how one can be saved and born again. Some people make a decision of salvation based on the gospel written on the tract (depending how it is written) because it "clicked" in their head. Some people need or have more questions to ask. It's a tool, plus you can't fit much characters into the back of a tract... it's like trying to fit Romans 10:9-13 in a twitter post, you can't because its more than 140 characters.
  2. If it is minor, I would probably let it slide. If it is major, I'd probably talk to the pastor. If it is monumental, I'd probably stand up in the middle of the sermon and walk out in complete disagreement. Monumental error is if the preacher says Jesus Christ is not God.
  3. I put this here for two reasons: (1) it's an independent Baptist church wedding (2) this forum is private. I have a situation where a couple asked me to marry them and we've been friends for a long time. The thing is I know the couple is living in a worldly mindset such as cohabiting and alcohol, etc. They are also not members of my church. I was wondering if I can get some counsel on any similar situation you may have had... obviously I'm leaving out some details for privacy reasons.
  4. This sounds like an issue of semantics rather than doctrinal issue, but I don't know these guys.
  5. I'm sorry but I'm slightly worried about this.
  6. They may be winning 100 people per week but it doesn't look like they're baptizing 100 per week. Emmm Great Commission consist of going, winning, baptizing and teaching, not just the first two. I think another reason people don't like him is because of the false rumors he spreads about other good preachers. (i.e. Paul Chappell allowing transgender people in Lancaster's restroom)
  7. The word, fundamentalist, has taken a different definition nowadays as compared to the 1920s and 1930s. I don't see anything wrong with changing the movement to a different name with similar definitions.
  8. I don't mind if we change the name IFB to UCB (Unaffiliated Conservative Baptists).
  9. Aside from spiritual advice, counsel, etc such as "have faith", etc... what is one practical tip you would like to share with those that are new to door-to-door evangelism? I'll compile the list here as well if I am able to edit, I'll start: Know your community's culture. Example: Words such as "omnipresence" may be understood in one community but not in other communities. Pay attention to people's verbal/non-verbal cues. If they don't want to talk, and are just being polite, give them an out and try to leave something for them to read. As you're able...as the respondent permits...and as time permits...give them the actual gospel. Don't side-step the gospel for a popular modern-day derivative or anything less. They need to know and understand that the Lord Jesus Christ died for their sins according to the scriptures (and what that entails). They need to know and understand that he was buried (and what that entails), They need to know and understand that he rose from from the dead on the third day according to the scriptures (and what that entails). 1 Corinthian 15 Be persistent and not be discouraged. Complete the process. Too often we go "soul-winning" and then we leave these new converts on their own. When you do see fruit, be sure to follow up with discipleship. If you don't teach them somebody else will, and most likely they won't teach them the truth. Find what is effective in your area and do it. Be wise. There are some houses you should never leave the front porch and enter into, even if invited. Never step into a trap and risk ruining your testimony and that of the Lord. People will gleefully look for an opportunity to destroy a reputation, even if nothing wrong occurs. If a person can't think of any on their own, they probably should consider serving in another capacity. Be wise and over-protective of any ladies out visiting as well. Be appropriate - in your dress and in your words; not just the words you use to present the gospel, but in the words you use to introduce yourself and any "small talk." No slang usages of God's name (that's a real biggie in this area - even the Christians use it like crazy...drives me crazy!), don't try to be "cool" or "with-it". Realize that you are not door knocking to "get results" but that you are going in order to give the person an opportunity to hear the Gospel in obedience to the Great Commission. Plant and water whatever ground you find and in due time God will give the increase and build His church.
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