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  1. This is bad and Catholics need to take a real stand for Christianity and start reading for themselves what the bible reveals. Seems evident that Islam & the Vatican share in similarity. And all the liberals must think this is a great thing, sick.
  2. Oh so you are not a Muslim. That's really really good. Sorry I didn't fully read over the thread and I'm new here. I don't trust Islam and I'm very concerned about the political correctness that has pushed Islam into western civilized culture.
  3. Is it too late to chime in here? The message of repent is not being put out there. I think that's what Jesus said about the Spirit of Elijah when he was asked about it after i think the Mount of Transfiguration where Yeshua said I tell you that he already returned in referring to John the Baptist and not in a reincarnation way of returning in the flesh. eta ( edit to add) people aren't really being that voice like John the Baptist was, but I have a feeling that it will be again heard more than what is now.
  4. Who would have ever thought we would vote for Trump? I voted for Trump and I am so thankful that he won. I prayed that God would deliver us from evil before and on election night. We almost lost our Country, we came that close if Hillary would have won. Some of these republicans need to just go on with the democrats because they're not true republicans.
  5. I'm not gonna lie about praying, I don't pray as much as I should, I need to get back into praying more but I am not praying for some people Obama & Hillary I will not pray for. I trust that God understands my heart.
  6. I'm concerned about what's going on. I don't think that people really understand that Islam has existed for like 1400 years ( I think) and we in America have only existed for about 240 years . Islam has hated us even before we were a thought.
  7. I have just created a new account with Online Baptist. I was very thankful to find this forum. I am a believer in Jesus & in everything Jesus taught, I believe the Bible was inspired by the one and only true God but I don't label myself anything but a Christian. Okay with that said I'm going to look around now on the forum and see what's going on.
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