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  1. thanks brother thanks brother
  2. hi guys, i earlier posted in this section, an opposite of what i should have, again i apologize my name is John Simon, from Nigeria. although not a baptist, i came across this forum while i searched for a topic as to if Gehazi was healed or not. so i bumped into this forum, found some reasonable comments and here am i, now a member. i know we may not always agree with each other on certain issues, but in Christ there is no black or white and we are one. thanks
  3. i am sorry, i guess i made a mistake as to where to post, i'm a newbie, just finding my way around. i hope you all understand? i'll be more careful next time. thanks
  4. JOHN SIMON ON SEX: RESPONSIBILITY OR RAUNCHYNESS? To say there is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage is as good as losing a football match before the game starts. Sex is no new thing. It is a sacred ordinance by God to a man and woman who are legally married, promoting the act of procreation 1CORINTHIANS 7:1-7 To married couples, sex is sweet, it is Biblical and intimate involving two people who love themselves and are willing to stand by each other through every storm of life To unmarried people it is raunchy; it is against Biblical principles and above all a sin against one’s own body. 1CORINTHIANS 6:18 The drive to engage in sex is eminent in every young person, and it is not a sin to have sexual urges. It is only sinful to allow your feelings drive you along every path. To keep the fight against such, we all must covet earnestly those things which are of great benefit to our spiritual health and uphold high moral standards that conform to the word of God. Remain blessed as you fight for your destiny #JOHNSIMONQUOTES2017
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