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  1. 1 Actually Orval admitted that he lied and offered an apology 2 If my intention was to "simply cause strife" then why did "The Real Bob Hutton" and I have a very nice conversation about history And why did I answer your question about Calvin's conversion in another thread even though I knew you weren't sincere Where was the "strife" when I was offering suggestions on a radio app or witnessing to Mormons The only "strife" is by four specific posters in one thread and one poster in another thread who chose to stalk e to another thread and initiate an argument based on a book I said I
  2. Yeah because you've been so conciliatory up to now
  3. And I would just as easily quote Revelation 21:8 to you and Orval and 1 Tim and DaveW
  4. No actually I was very clear that I got saved and then joined a church The word "after" denotes an order of events In this case getting saved and then joining an Arminian church. Sorry if using polysyllabic words like "after" confused you. Actually those were aliantado's words that were edited into y post by mistake and have since been removed
  5. I love the way you "apologize" for lying about what I said and then call me a "full blown Calvinist". Yes I was saved the same way everybody who is saved is saved: By repentance and faith in Christ Not by believing in election or predestination I've never believed otherwise and unless someone can show me definitively from the Word of God that one is saved by believing in election or predestination will never believe otherwise
  6. Another lie! I never said I was saved in a "Free Will church"! I said that wasn't saved in any church but only became a member of a church after I was saved; Like I said if you don't believe that repentance and faith alone in Christ alone is what saves then it's you who aren't saved and your fruit of dishonesty shows this to be the case
  7. Given that you went on to intentionally lie about my beliefs and by extension the teachings of Calvinism which you insist I hold to I don't think I was nearly defiant enough
  8. You are a liar. Just a flat out unrepentant liar and are of your father the Father of Lies. No matter how any times you deceitfully misrepresent my views, I will continue to believe and to preach Christ crucified for the forgiveness of sins and salvation by repentance and faith alone in Christ alone. CHRIST A-LONE!!!! Do you understand that, liar? If you don't believe that one is not saved by repentance and faith alone in Christ alone then it's you who are not saved not we Christians
  9. I'm sorry somebody was mean to you. If true, they were wrong to do that. However, seeing how you all treat people here, I have absolutely ZERO sympathy for you. You find the people here "kind" because you agree with them. You don't even have to be a Calvinist. Just defend a Calvinist and lets see how "kind" they are to you. Now is this forum about books we're reading or not?
  10. No I've pointed out their hatred for expressing their opinions in a vitriolic fashion and directing scorn upon a specific group of people and against me personally for trying to defend that group. Most people outside of this place are able to express different opinions politely and respectfully. I belong to a couple of Christian Facebook groups that include both Calvinists and Arminians. There there's some good natured ribbing but it's all in fun and we all understand that we're brothers and sisters in Christ. Here it's just ugly. People repeatedly slander Calvinists to the point th
  11. And even in a friendly thread some folks can't leave their hatred at the door
  12. A.W. Pink - "Christian Fools" Wayne Carver - "Chronology of the Crucifixion Week"
  13. And this is precisely why I said it would be a waste of time trying to talk to you in the other thread Then I look forward to your posts rebuking your fellows here for their lies Nor I you and that's why I'm putting you on ignore Incidentally you came out swinging fro the beginning not because of my behavior but because of the doctrines you assumed I hold because I corrected a false claim about Calvinism
  14. First you know that it's a lie to say "[Reformed theology] teaches a belief in a system for salvation". Second given that some of the most prolific evangelists today are Reformed and that Reformed and Confessional churches are growing I think it's safe to say that quite a few people are saved in Reformed churches (and no I don't care whether or not you believe that) Third many Baptists are Reformed in their theology Third my "personal method of evangelism" is to present the Gospel and call sinners to repent and receive Christ Fourth I've witnessed to hundreds of people Our
  15. That's exactly what it means, Einstein.
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