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  1. There is no biblical contradiction between being an "independent Baptist" and listening to occasional ministry from the Berean Call. However, seeing it causes you such serious offence for me, as an "independent Baptist", to listen to such a ministry, it would be better for me to withdraw from this forum. Adieu.
  2. The Berean Call conference is going on, at present, in Oregon. Has anyone been following this? https://www.thebereancall.org/conference
  3. We are born of God when we trust Jesus. This idea, that some people have, that we are born again first, then trust in Jesus does not have Biblical warrant but I'm bemused by it. Where do they get it from?
  4. Reply to Alan: Many thanks, dear brother, for your kind and encouraging comments, this is much appreciated
  5. You may be interested in an article I've written about Watchman Nee. One may not agree with all of his theology, but I learnt a valuable lesson when reading his biography http://bobhutton1.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. Further to the comments above I link to an article that looks at this in a fair, and balanced way, before coming to the conclusion that Simon was saved, but in need of repentance: (I don't necessarily, endorse everything on the web site) http://www.gracelife.org/resources/gracenotes/?id=70
  7. Reply to wretched: You have made a valid point, brother. The strict Calvinists say that Foreknowledge is an act, but those who hold to Foreknowledge Election believe foreknowledge is an attribute, ie, that God knows everything beforehand and He knows who will accept Christ, in accordance with that foreknowledge He then elects. This is the line taken by Dr Noman Geisler in Chosen But Free. I'm going to do some research on Corporate Election as it looks interesting.
  8. I know that Calvinists teach Unconditional Election, but what is Corporate Election? How does that differ from the Foreknowledge Election view? I'm genuinely asking this without wishing to be controversial.
  9. Many thanks for your helpful reply. When I first read this back in the 1970s I thought that he wasn't truly saved. However, as I've looked into my own heart and life, and seen how many times I've come short, I can see that, yes, he was truly saved but in need of repentance which he duly exhibited.
  10. In Acts 8 we read of one Simon the Sorcerer, who made a profession of faith but was then rebuked for a serious failing. Was he a false convert, or was he truly saved, but in need of repentance after a fall? (Which can happen to any of us!)
  11. I've come across an interesting article that may be a useful contribution to this discussion: http://www.kjv-asia.com/how-to-read-the-bible/
  12. I'm not sure if this is the right place, or if it has been discussed before but here goes... I read recently that one can read the Bible through, at moderate reading speed, in 80 hours. Therefore, half hour spent daily just reading it systematically would get one through it in 160 days. However, I wonder if it is wise to read it through from Genesis to Revelation as it means that one doesn't come to the NT for some time. What do y'all think?
  13. Thank you for that, brother. Reading through this thread reminded me of the following: I was passing out some tracts in a town about 30 miles from where I live (in the county of Kent, England) and I got talking to a Christian lady. She asked me to pray for her husband who wasn't saved. As we conversed further she told me that he was terrified of dying and had a recurring dream of the Angel of Death. I asked her what kept him from getting saved and her reply was disturbing "He's a lawyer and a freemason; as a mason he gets a lot of business from fellow Masons. He knows that if he got saved he would have to leave the Masons, and they would withdraw their business from him." It seems that, having counted the cost of being a disciple of Christ, he wasn't prepared to pay it.
  14. You have made a very good point. I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people explain away the plain meaning of the Bible by referring to "the original Greek"; an example of this is where some people explain away the plain meaning of the word "all" in 1st Timothy 2 v 4 or "every" in Hebrews 2 v 9. Also, some of the translators of the KJV were such experts in the original languages that they were fluent even as children (yes, children). Their knowledge was remarkable, not to mention their absolute confidence in the Bible as God's infallible word. Many of the modern "translators" do not even believe in the infallibility of the Bible.
  15. Forget, for a moment, what the early church did, or didn't, teach and just come back to the Bible. In 1st john 2 v 19 we read that people who fell away (as opposed to temporary backsliding) were never truly saved in the first place. Perhaps the warnings in the Bible, about the possibility of falling away, are given to ensure that we examine ourselves to see that we are truly saved, and not just going through the motions.
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