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  1. It seems to me that modern day evangelicalism has lost its way. At one time all missionary endeavour would be launched with 1 aim - that souls would be saved. Even social, and humanitarian, work was done with the desire to establish a contact so that the Gospel could be brought to people. However, with the advance of political correctness it has now become a definite no-no to tell people they are lost without Christ, and they need to repent of their old ways in turning to Christ. In my work of street evangelism I always emphasis the need for the new-birth and acceptance of Christ as Lord and Saviour. This means a clear break with the old life in accordance with 2nd Cor. 5 v 17. Kind regards to all Bob
  2. Dear bother in Christ, I am happy to let this matter drop as I can see that some people are getting rather worked up. All I will state is that, before you accuse me of disrespect, you should have a good, hard look at the comments you made at the outset. On a lighter note,one hopes you will be in better temper later in the year when the Aussies regain the ashes. Kind regards Bob
  3. How about you issuing apologies to Dr Macarthur for calling him "poison"? I'm happy to let the matter drop as I can see that tempers are rising. Kind regards Bob
  4. You obviously haven't read the last post in this thread, so I'll repeat it "If it upsets shallow thinkers so much I'm happy to let it drop". That should have been sufficient for you to know that i'm not pursuing the subject.
  5. In Victorian England Herbert Spencer won an award for discovering the 5 categories of science. Time Force Action Space Matter. There was only 1 problem - Genesis 1 v 1 got there first. In the beginning - Time God - Force (of course, God is more than a force, but you get my meaning) Created - action Heaven- Space Earth - Matter. Sorry, Herbert, old son, you're about 6,000 years too late !!
  6. "...gunpowder, treason and plot". God had His hand upon England with the discovery of the gunpowder plot. Humanly speaking, there wouldn't have been a King James Bible if Guido Fawkes had had his way. Kind regards Bob
  7. Calm down, old chap. I'm just showing how fallacious it is to make sweeping statements. I don't care if people believe in Calvinism or not, it's a secondary issue and not worth calling people heretics over. If it upsets shallow thinkers that much I'm happy to let it drop. Kind regards Bob Oh, and by the way, I think you meant to say "rein in" not "reign in", grammar and spelling are most important.
  8. No, I'm not moving on until we have established this question - did Spurgeon teach a damnable heresy? If you answer "yes" you condemn one of the finest preachers that graced the western world. If you answer "no" you concede my point that Calvinism IS a secondary issue. Which is it to be?
  9. For those of us in England it is a good November 5th sermon!
  10. The Gospel is like a firework, it blows apart unbelief !!
  11. You have missed the point. If people wish to disagree with Calvinism that's fine, I did for many years. However, saying that people are teaching poison because they are Calvinists is ridiculous. Do people who make this allegation really believe that C H Spurgeon taught poison?
  12. I didn't realise it was illegal to put tracts in letterboxes in the US. Here in England we do it frequently. Sometimes one comes to a block of flats and there is an entryphone system so one cannot get in. Even then I've been able to get in if a door is left open! (Residents don't like tracts through doors in a block of flats but I've not been attacked , not yet - the secret is to start at the top and work down, quickly!!)
  13. I have a question for you: if calvinism is not a secondary issue (and I believe that it is) does that mean that C H Spurgeon was a heretic? Come to that - was William Carey (a Baptist missionary to India) a heretic? Was Dr D M Lloyd-Jones a heretic? (He was a Welsh preacher who ministered in London for many years, and highly respected among British evangelicals). Are John Piper and Steve Lawson heretics? Was B B Warfield a heretic? Was Martin Luther (who wrote "The Bondage of the Will) a heretic? Once you start saying that calvinism is not a secondary issue, you are on very dangerous ground. Think very carefully, dear brother, before you make sweeping statements. Kind regards Bob
  14. You are absolutely right, dear brother, we need to simply read it as it is written. Nothing explains the Bible better than the Bible. Kind regards Bob
  15. Bless you, dear brother for taking the trouble to reply. I'm sure there are independent Baptist churches that hold to Calvinism. It really is a secondary issue and not worth getting worked up over. Kind regards Bob
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