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  1. He says one man for one woman for life. If you marry whether divorce or not that's your 1 spouse for life and if u divorce you cannot have a church wedding again ever. He claims its biblical
  2. OK so here's the problem, I have an issue talking to people in my church about my believes because of persecution. I was born and raised Southern Baptist and that is what I am today but for 10 years in between now and then I was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. I did several studies throughout my time there and before a joined on verses in the Bible that link to their beliefs. Everyone that I know in the Baptist Church has said that Jesus was pre-ordained to save us from our sins but no one wants to take knowledge that He was there before the world was formed. Also the fact that Genesis states there was more than one dirty speaking in the garden to Adam and Eve. It states Man has now become like us. We shall make man in our image. Who is God talking to if Jesus wasn't born yet? The Bible if you look up the names of Jesus in Hebrew states that Jesus was the one who Moses spoke to on mount sinai. And if God is the same yesterday today and forever and he spoke to several prophets of the Old Testament when they were children why would he not speak to a seven-year-old boy in this day and age who asked for guidance? There are several other key references in the book of Mormon that can be traced back to the Bible. How can an uneducated boy write a powerful 500 page book that moved enough hearts to make people leave their homes around the world and move to Utah by foot at the risk of death and starvation? Jesus even said in the New Testament when the disciples didn't know what to name the primitive church He told them to name it after Him because if it's named after a man then it's a mans church. If it's named after Jesus the son of God it's His church and His doctrine which all Christian's should follow. How exactly is it wrong. Please can someone who is a minister and actually educated in the true ways of the LDS church and not just listened to a few sermons telling how it's wrong but actually went to the horses mouth and prayed tell me what I should do.
  3. So here's the problem. My fiancé and I want to get married but no Baptist minister in this area will marry Because different times in our life's we were married to other people and got divorced. We don't think this is right. One minister who is a family friend said we could be married by him but we would have to be members of his church which we don't want to do. Not a personal issue with him we just don't want a church home that size. Does anyone have a biblical solution to this problem that would push our current pastor to perform the ceremony regardless of the prior circumstances?
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