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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Ukulelemike in Freemasonary in the midst of the brethren   
    The one thing I have mentioned to some friends of mine who are believers and Masons, is to get them to think about one thing: While in the lower levels, the first three, (as is my understanding, anyways), they reveal to the person the meanings behind various symbols. When they achieve the next level, they are told that the meanings are actually not what they were told, but really, they are such-and-such. Then, upon reaching the third degree, they are once again reinterpreted to them. So, I say, the very fact that an integral part of their growth in the organization centers around being LIED to, in itself shows that it is not Christian. So far, it hasn't fazed them and they continue on. I think many today join because of the help it can give them in career growth and some certain power in the local small community.
    I have spoken against Masonry from the pulpit, though I have not done a concerted sermon on the subject because, like others here say, its not generally an issue, no one in my church is a Mason. However, none of them are Mormons, either, but I talk against them. Why? Warning. If they don't know to beware, they will be subject to falling for it, so I DO warn about it.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to 1611mac in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    I totally respect that Brother Stafford.  However, isn't the world also using "printed" matter for filth and such?  In other words... I do not have Facebook on my devices.  I do not have Instagram, etc etc.  What I have on my device is up to me... not anyone else.   
    Some of my bibles are hardback editions.  So should I not purchase a hardback bible because of all the worldly hardback books?
    An iPad is an iPad just like a book is a book.  It is the content that matters is it not?
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Brother Stafford in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    I think that another reason that I have such a disdain for digital Bibles is because of how much much digital devices are a part of the lost world.  To me, it feels like welcoming rock music into the church because "that's what the world is using."  The devices are associated with so much filth that I just can't get comfortable with putting the word of God on one of them.  I have tried several times, but I get an actual physical ill feeling in my stomach when I do and then I delete it immediately.  To be honest, I struggle very often with even owning my computer, but that is for another thread.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Brother Stafford in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    Just because the world uses something, it does not necessarily mean that it is ungodly.  For instance, just because a bunch of ungodly hipsters are growing beards, it does not make beards ungodly.  Numerous verses of scripture tell us that God made men to have beards, but he doesn't want them to cut them into crazy shapes (Leviticus 19:27).  He wants us to wear clothing, but to wear modest clothing and clothing that is gender specific (1 Timothy 2:9, Deuteronomy 22:5).  
    However, even though ungodly men may wear their beards in a godly manner, it does not mean that godly men must shave.  Just because ungodly people can dress appropriately, it does not follow that the godly must then dress inappropriately in order to separate from them.  The ungodly can mimic the godly and can behave decently in regard to certain things. 
    These are things that cannot usually be confused by a casual observer.  A man dressed as a woman cannot be confused with a Bible believing Baptist.  However, there are things that are much more easily confused.
    An old supervisor of mine had a father who was the pastor of a church.  He said that his father never went to the movie theater because if someone saw him leaving a movie theater, what movie were they to assume that he just watched?  Did he just watch Bambi or The Exorcist?  I stopped going to bars and even restaurants that serve alcohol because the casual observer doesn't know what's in my glass and they may get the wrong impression.  I can't stand having a cell phone.  The only reason that I own one and carry it is because I have aging parents who live with me.  However, I never take it out in public and if I get a call, I immediately silence it and excuse myself to a private area because, if someone were to see me using my phone, am I looking up a Bible passage or am I playing Pokemon GO?  (1 Thessalonians 5:22)
    It is for this possibility of these types of confusion that creates more reasons digital devices make me so uncomfortable.  
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Jim_Alaska in Jehovah's Witness   
    They do put that stuff on their website. It is here
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Jim_Alaska in Jehovah's Witness   
    No, unless I am not understanding what you are saying, that s their official website and all their information and publications are listed on it.
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    Disciple.Luke got a reaction from 1Timothy115 in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    Great point! I am always encouraged when I see someone out in public reading the word of God instead of Facebook,
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    Disciple.Luke got a reaction from No Nicolaitans in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    Great point! I am always encouraged when I see someone out in public reading the word of God instead of Facebook,
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Brother Stafford in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    Another reason I am a printed Bible kind of person is that if one is reading a Bible app, no one else knows what you're reading.  If you are reading a physical Bible, others know what you are reading.  Many conversations have arisen from strangers seeing me reading my Bible (and other books) while waiting for appointments.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to No Nicolaitans in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    I can't say for sure what they would think, but my gut says they would be accepting of it...if used correctly. I think the main thrust of it is this...we are to study God's word. I don't think it matters what is "containing" his word...as long as it IS his word.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Brother Stafford in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    I have a pocket Bible (OT & NT) in my coat pocket, so I can literally read the Bible ANYWHERE.
    Neither one is more the word of God than the other and neither is "more spiritual" than the other.  As I said in my previous post, it is about how the brain responds to the differences in medium.  That aspect is not subjective; it is objective.  If it is a matter of convenience, in the casual sense, I am opposed to it.  It is my opinion that nothing that has to do with the word of God should be adjusted or manipulated for our convenience.  It is still the word of God and should be treated with respect and reverence.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to 1Timothy115 in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    You should have made a poll out of this. It would be interesting to see the result especially with a few demographics thrown in.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Ukulelemike in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    I have a Bible app on my phone and tablet, so I can literally read the Bible ANYWHERE. And I do. As I get older I find myself spending time in...certain places. So instead of sitting on Facebook, I can read a couple chapters of the Bible. But my 'primary' Bible is still a book in my hand.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Brother Stafford in Henry Morris Study Bible   
    Personally, I don't believe in study Bibles.  I believe it's important to keep God's words separate from man's words.  I have Wilmington's Guide to the Bible, the Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible and Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary.  I also have a shelf full of collected antiquarian books that contain sermons and many old dictionaries, but I stick to those three listed when I need assistance.  I can't imagine having a commentary alongside of God's word.  I used the NIV study bible before I knew any better and I think the concept is just awful.  I think it's just laziness, so one does not have to set down the Bible and open another book.
    I am also not a supporter of Scofield.  If you haven't learned about him, a little searching should tell you all you ned to know about why I keep myself as far from him and his teachings as possible.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to 1611mac in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    No not at all.. I wanted to make sure you didn't think I was "challenging" you....  :)
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Brother Stafford in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    I am something of a bibliophile, (with Luddite-like tendencies) so I will never welcome electronic devices as anything even close to primary use.  A large number of studies show that there is something about physically doing things with tangible, non electronic devices, that allows for better retention of information and skill.  From personal experience, I find this to be true.
    Knowing where stories are located in a physical Bible allow for a linear mnemonic timeline, of sorts, to be visualized in one's mind.  The subject of mnemonics can be a series of threads in and of itself, but the general idea behind it is that our brains work much more efficiently, in regard to memory, when visuals are used.  You probably can't remember your shopping list from last month, but you can probably mentally walk through every room of the home in which you grew up and account for nearly every item within.  Since there are actual physical locations that you read and touch and write upon, within the pages of physical books, they are much more mnemonically conducive than electronic devices.  While you can create mnemonic systems with electronic devices, physical books create a much stronger mnemonic connection because of the actual physical locations of the information.
    Even things like the physical dimensions of a physical book can prime one's mind for the task to come.  When you sit down with a physical copy of a thick book, like the Bible or an old copy of Robinson Caruso, your brain knows to expect a lot of information and that it is going to be a certain amount of linear time before it is completed.  With an electronic book, your brain does not prepare in the same manner and does not process the informations in the same way.  There is no real backward or forward in an electronic reader; it's only a concept.  Additionally, you can hold a device that is displaying "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," and it is no different to your brain than if that same device were displaying the Encyclopedia Brittanica.
    Writing and typing are handled by the brain in the same way.  When you write something out by hand, with a physical writing utensil on paper, the brain remembers it much better and processes the information more efficiently than when you type using a keyboard or a typewriter and even better than physically writing with an electronic drawing pad.  This is another reason why video games are so dangerous and destructive to the human mind, but I digress.
    If they stop printing physical Bibles, then I will either make my own press or I will hand write and bind my own.  Although I use one on my Mac, from which I to copy and paste into forums &c., I will never, in my life, rely upon an electronic Bible.  Unless I die in an unexpected way, I intend on dying while holding a physical copy of the King James Bible.
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    Disciple.Luke got a reaction from 1Timothy115 in KJV vs. the 1611 edition   
    I don't believe I know any of the Lindseys. I am in Anderson, IN. 
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to No Nicolaitans in KJV vs. the 1611 edition   
    I would venture to say that the church referenced "more than likely" actually uses the 1769...or possibly a Cambridge edition. To say that one uses the 1611 is often only to show their stance. I sometimes say it myself.
    Here's an interesting article that may help in showing the differences...
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to 1Timothy115 in KJV vs. the 1611 edition   
    The commonly used 1769 version KJV is the one most often read in IB and IFB congregations. Look up the 1769 on line, much of the 'ye' is gone, etc. in the 1769. The 1769 is all I use.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to DaveW in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    My only real issue is that phones do a lot more than Bible. I see people on occssion busy on their phones - apparently more busy that changing chapters.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Jim_Alaska in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    I am not against these devices, I think the technology can be a big benefit if properly used. For me "properly used" would be for studying or possibly witnessing, as in soul winning. They can be a big help in comparing Scripture, as well as cross referencing and you can, at the same time, input your study right on the device.
    Using a printed Bible in church encourages others to bring and use theirs. One of the first things I remember doing as a new Christian is learning where the books of the Bible are. In this respect I think that this is a needful endeavor, much like memorizing bible verses. You get familiar with not only the book or verse, but also where it is located. Is the book in the front, between the front and the middle, in the middle, between the middle and the end?
    I can still remember memorizing verses and becoming very familiar with where the verse was located on the page. I actually had a picture of it in my mind which helped a lot in finding both book and verse.
    For instance, I use my computer almost exclusively for study and sermon preparation. This is not like carrying your device to church with you. But my Sword Searcher program as a definite step up from only having a printed Bible for study purposes.
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to 1611mac in Bible Apps to replace Printed Bibles?   
    If this has been discussed before let me know please...
    What is everyone's thinking about your main Bible being on your mobile device?  
    For some this is heresy.  We are trained to carry our (printed) Bible, mark our Bible, etc. etc.  Some say reading off a cell phone or tablet is just not right.  But wow... when you can have a complete Bible study system on your mobile device (phone/tablet) and indeed ALL you devices and sync them all.  Having complete commentary sets and so many Bible study aids the "Mobile Bible" (study system) has so many advantages.  
    What about you?  
    - Do you think you could ever NOT carry a printed Bible?  
    - Could you ever get to the point where your "go to" Bible with your notes is ONLY on your device(s)?
    - Is there something wrong with not carrying a standard printed Bible but having so much more info available on your device? (Bible AND complete study tool library)
    - PASTORS: If someone uses Bible apps ONLY in church would you suggest to them they also bring a standard printed Bible?
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to 1611mac in Henry Morris Study Bible   
    I have a Morris Study Bible.  It's a good reference tool (apologetics especially) but I would not recommend it for your main bible.  Consider a good reference Bible for your main carry and study Bible (if that is what you are looking for).  This might help (presented as info only): https://www.wayoflife.org/database/referencebibles.html
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    Disciple.Luke reacted to Bob from England in Henry Morris Study Bible   
    I haven't read this particular Study Bible but I use the Scofield.  It is not 100% accurate, eg. it questions the Received Text in places, but it is very helpful on the typology of the OT.
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    Disciple.Luke got a reaction from John Young in Jehovah's Witness   
    Absolutely! I agree they nearly impossible to witness to. The Governing Body uses many mind control techniques to take away their ability to think for themselves, and anything contradictory to Watchtower teachings is believed to be of Satan.
    I am convinced it's all a money scam. There is no way anyone can convince me that the Governing Body isn't aware of their past false prophecies. and know Jesus is not physically directing them.
    When they changed their policy to offering magazines to "voluntarily" donations to avoid tax laws, they had a back up scam in waiting. Today the individual Kingdom Halls pay for all the literature they receive, and when they get a donation it is sent back to the Society even though it's already paid for. They are double dipping.
    By far the largest reason I believe it's a scam is because of their Biblical interpretations. Even a novice Bible reader could discern that Acts 15:20 has NOTHING to do with not accepting blood transfusions. Such an interpretation is false and borderline idiotic! They only way a person could read the Bible and come up with their interpretations would be by using one of their publications as a guide. Period.
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