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    Disciple.Luke reacted to BrotherTony in Former Baptist Pastor Slams former VP Mike Pence   
    I've always liked Mike Pence. Regardless of what Greg Locke says, Pence is a good, Godly man. He's stood by the Word of God, and I believe he did what was right when he broke rank with Trump. Pastor Locke is NOT the kind of person I would recommend anybody go to hear. He may be Scripturally correct in some of his theology, but he's also a very haughty spirit, and I couldn't in all good conscience tell anyone to emulate their lives after him. I'm not for him, but I'm not against him either. As long as souls are being saved then I'll stand back and wait. God will be his ultimate judge, just as he will judge VP Pence, and I believe favorably so.
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