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  1. I used to but started paying much attention when they started to air almost every game on TNT and other cable channels. I was a huge Knicks fan back when Marcus Camby (my favorite player) played for them. I'm in Indiana but don't care much for the Pacers. Who is your favorite team/player? I really enjoy watching Stephen Curry play. His style is so unique and scoring seems effortless for him!
  2. It's hard to a decent KJV study bible these days. Someone recommend The Defenders Study Bible by Henry Morris, but believe it's out of print because the prices for it on Amazon are ridiculous. I have seen there is Henry Morris Study Bible now in KJV. Has anyone read it? If so would you recommend it, and why?
  3. Absolutely! I agree they nearly impossible to witness to. The Governing Body uses many mind control techniques to take away their ability to think for themselves, and anything contradictory to Watchtower teachings is believed to be of Satan. I am convinced it's all a money scam. There is no way anyone can convince me that the Governing Body isn't aware of their past false prophecies. and know Jesus is not physically directing them. When they changed their policy to offering magazines to "voluntarily" donations to avoid tax laws, they had a back up scam in waiting. Today the individual Kingdom Halls pay for all the literature they receive, and when they get a donation it is sent back to the Society even though it's already paid for. They are double dipping. By far the largest reason I believe it's a scam is because of their Biblical interpretations. Even a novice Bible reader could discern that Acts 15:20 has NOTHING to do with not accepting blood transfusions. Such an interpretation is false and borderline idiotic! They only way a person could read the Bible and come up with their interpretations would be by using one of their publications as a guide. Period.
  4. It's their version of a sermon on Sunday mornings. It's supposed to be directed toward visitors (even though they rarely have any).'The Watchtower study follows the Public Talk.
  5. Yes, the Public Talk and the Watchtower at the Kingdom Halls are EXTREMELY boring. The Watchtower (Study edition not the Public one) articles are just different stories of the same doctrines over and over. The Watchtower is like reading a third grade level book, and the questions are child like too. It's obvious what the answers are but by getting them to say it out loud is just one of many of their mind control methods. Even the so called "Public Talk" is controlled. The,person giving the talk is given an outline that they have to use. Really the only thing the speaker adds to the talk is his own experiences on whatever topic it is. I liked your comment of them hating Roman Catholicism, but in reality they are organized very similar. They both have the idea that you can't understand the Bible completely without the higher ranks TELLING you what the Bible says.
  6. Does anybody's church use The Exchange discipleship book lessons? The author is Jeff Musgrave and its printed by Journeyforth a division of Bob Jones University Press. They are excellent discipleship tools, but it's hard to keep new believers to commit to going through the entire program. The first book is called The Exchange and goes through the basics of salvation. The second is Living the Exchange and goes through several topics about living a Christian life. The thirst is called Giving the Exchange and obviously focuses on evangelism and specific ways to reach out to the lost. If anyone has used it, I'd like to hear how it worked out for you?
  7. I accept their literature, and throw it away later so their theological poison doesn't end up in the hands of a biblically illiterate Christian. They are very nice people and I respect their zeal. They put much of the Christian world to shame when it comes to sharing their message, even though it false. You mentioned the gang (Governing Body) in Brooklyn, but their headquarters is now in Walkill and Patterson, New York. They sold all their Brooklyn buildings for millions of dollars.
  8. I absolutely agree with Brother Orval in recommending the book "Done". I was actually looking for my copy of it this morning before I replied to your post. I was intending to use one of the plethora of quotes in the book to share with you. If you are unable to get a copy I would be more than happy to send you one. I've seen a whole stack of extra copies in our Outreach Pastors office, and could get you one free of charge.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Let me first say, I applaud you for asking questions about your parents faith, and seeking to find the truth. I can't think of anything more noble than searching for the truth about our Creator. Sadly, most people your age are giving up on their faith altogether and have no desire for "truth". I have observed that all false forms of Christianity deviate by adding human ideas into their beliefs. The Latter day Saints have added another book of false scripture along with following teachings of man that they call their modern day "Prophet". The Watchtower Society claims they offer free Bible studies, but in reality the so called study is using a book with their own false teaching and only use the Bible by pointing out isolated scriptures to prove their own beliefs. The Catholics do it by adding tradition even when it contradicts clear Biblical teachings. Like the posts before mine say....the Bible is the only source for spiritual truth. Even a novice Bible student soon realizes that context is the key. Remember this - A text without a context is a pretext for a proof text.
  10. I have the same problem. I sent a message to Matt a few days ago asking for access, but haven't received a reply. i am a member of Grace Baptist Church in Anderson, IN gracetoanderson.com
  11. I am very passionate about personal evangelism as well, and I have wrestled with the same questions. I've noticed that many people try to share the Gospel as a presentation instead of a conversation. When people feel like we are giving them a presentation they seem to want to just agree, and say or pray whatever it takes to get it over with. Of course, that's not always the case. Just toward the end of last year I lead a close friend of mine to the Lord, and he even showed up at church the following Sunday. After that he never came back, and quickly went back to his friends and lifestyle like nothing ever happened. I remember feeling like I had failed my friend somehow. I eventually met with our outreach Pastor to express my frustrations and concerns to him. He reassured me that I had done my part, and that I was in no way responsible for my friends spiritual growth since he refused my offer to help guide him in discipleship. In some cases it takes a person years to start attending church and bearing fruit after they become saved. I've seen it happen with others and that was my own personal experience as well. I was saved for almost three years before I gained a love for reading the Bible, but slowly the desire to learn the Word of God eventually came. Soon after I began a serious study of the Bible I started attending church, became a member, and today I understand what it means to be a new creation.
  12. You have asked some good questions. You have raised several points that are difficult to fully explain on a forum, but I think I can help you find some of the answers. I am an exmormon as well, and understand it's not easy to find a new faith without some doubts. I think the first several questions are bothering you more than they should, because your LDS theology seems to have become a little rusty since you left. Let's start with the pre-ordination of Jesus to "atone" for our sins. Mormonism also teaches that Jesus was pre ordained (although distorted) to be the "Savior". One of the first "gospel principles" of Mormonism is the belief that every person on earth existed as spirit sons and daughters as a Heavenly family before we chose to come to the earth as a trial of Heavenly Fathers "Plan of Salvation". When our Heavenly Father called a council in heaven our spirit brothers Jesus and Lucifer both volunteered to to come to the earth to be our Savior, but Jesus ultimately was chosen as the pre ordained winner. (This belief is found in the book of Abraham in the Pearl of Great Price). The official teaching of the LDS church is that Jesus is the Jehovah of the Old Testament (Heavenly Father is referred to as - Elohim). Jesus is considered the creator of the earth and all physical life as we know it, but Mormons believe he still has a father superior to him (Elohim). When God is speaking to men in the Bible it's Jesus himself (Jehovah). Heavenly Father is only believed to speak to men when he is affirming that Jesus is his "Only begotten Son"...for example when Jesus was baptized and at Joseph's Smiths First Vision. For more details about the LDS Jesus I recommend going to the Church's official online store (store.lds.org) and buying a copy of Jesus the Christ by James Talmage. " Jesus even said in the New Testament when the disciples didn't know what to name the primitive church He told them to name it after Him because if it's named after a man then it's a mans church. If it's named after Jesus the son of God it's His church and His doctrine which all Christian's should follow. How exactly is it wrong. " Like the others who replied before my post, I am unaware of any New Testament verse where Jesus discusses the name of his church. The official name of a church is really irrelevant in the grand scheme. We do not gain salvation through a "church"...we are saved by faith alone in the God-man Jesus of Nazareth. A church only becomes a "church" when there is an assembly of born again believers that meet and worship there. Anyway, I hope this at least helps a little.
  13. I just joined this forum, and as an ex LDS member this one of the first threads I read. How did things work out with the friend?
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