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  1. Very accurate! The LDS Church is compartmentalized in a very similar way, but I believe they are even tighter in structure from the top down.
  2. I remember reading Erwin Lutzer re telling a conversation he had with a "popular woman Pastor who skillfully blends Christianity with the New Age movement...". He pointed out how her answers seemed very orthodox to his first several questions he posed to her. As he persisted with his questions he eventually forced her to define her doctrine with more precision until she finally revealed that "When I speak about Christ, I am not speaking about Jesus of Nazareth". He never revealed her name, but I suspect there are many people being deceived by false doctrines without even realizing it. This is why I get annoyed when I ask someone a question who claims to be a "Christian", and their response starts with "My Pastor says" or "My church believes.." instead of "The Bible says...". Too many people in the pews have become Biblically illiterate. Thanks for your testimony!
  3. I would consider a stubborn attitude toward asking for help a form of pride. James 4:6King James Version (KJV) 6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Proverbs 8:13King James Version (KJV) 13 The fear of the Lord is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate.
  4. I absolutely agree. And most everything you've mentioned I've considered and have no idea what the appropriate but balanced way to deal with the issue is. I'm thankful it's not up to me to find the solution!
  5. Thank you for the reply. I think a few of the women fall into the category of not knowing any better. There is a group of 2 or 3 that always sit together, and they all dress very similar. They are probably near the age of 40 and always wear shirts that don't completely cover the shoulders so that part of the bra strap is visible occasionally. I personally don't feel any physical attraction to them, but I work in the media booth doing the slides so I'm sitting up higher than everyone else so it's easier to notice. I think part of the problem is that people have visited other churches before ours, and by far the majority of of them are so seeker friendly that they invite everyone to just "come as you are" believing that modesty at church is irrelevant today.
  6. Our church was searching for a new Pastor for nearly a year. In between that time there was a small group in the church who started to become very concerned that the modesty standards were in decline. I ended up on the concerned side, because my mentor (he is also a deacon) was the one who was leading the push back against the problem. For me it was more of a learning experience. Since I have only been a member of an IFB church for a couple years, it was a bit confusing because I wasn't around when the standards were higher. The three main complaints were women were starting to wear small tank tops that made the bra straps visible, and a few of the younger female members were starting to wear borderline skin tight yoga material dress pants. We just voted in our new Pastor about a month ago, so I guess his opinion on the issue will be the deciding factor on what is appropriate. I am 100% for modesty among church members, but as a "Newbie" IFB it's hard for me to understand where that fine line of modesty ends and immodest begins. As a middle aged guy I can tell you that the tight pants are very distracting and I don't of approve of them. So, I guess the question for my fellow forum members is - how do you decide what's modest and not, without getting into specific appropriate pant measurements and shirt sizes that turn into a "dress code"? Most of the younger female members always wear dresses. Our church has a K-12 school attached to our worship building and is a huge part of our ministry to the community. Everyday when I go in to pick my son up I always feel frustrated when I see non-member moms picking their kids up with tight pants and apparently shirts they had when they were the size of a 12 year old showing as much skin as possible.
  7. Ukulelemike - Your friend is absolutely correct about evils behind Mormonism. When you first join the church all you hear over and over is how great and peaceful going inside a temple is, but they a forbidden to talk about the actual rituals in public. Immediately they teach how to find your dead ancestors names to prepare to take to "new convert group baptisms". When I joined there wasn't a temple in Indiana yet, so a female convert, the Bishop, The High Priest group leader and myself made the trip to the Columbus, Ohio temple. The temples are beautiful on the outside but I will never forget how something felt terrible wrong once we got inside. If it would've just been me feeling that way I would've just brushed it off, but almost immediately the female convert whispered how it felt evil "like walking into a horror film". Eventually I started searching the web looking for information about what happens during the other rituals, and that was the beginning of the end for me. I found out about the two secret handshakes you have to know to pass through the gates of heaven. And things like how the "sacred" undergarments (Mormon underwear) had Freemason type symbols embroidered on them. Ive experienced the life of being a Mormon and it's either the stupidest religion ever created by man, or false worship that originated in hell.
  8. I think the Church I am a member of would agree with you. Its seems obvious the freemasons practice a form of spirituality, through ritual, ceremony, and secret levels of knowledge. That has all the marks of "religion", religion saves no one only a saving faith and relationship with Christ. Having said that, I am certain there are saved ones in the Mason ranks, but I see nothing wrong with personally evangelizing them to make sure their faith is in Christ not Lodge.
  9. Oh sorry man. I didn't pay any attention to your post date. I wrongly assumed since there were new posts it was started recently.
  10. What is your source about Joseph Smith be kicked out of the Masons? The third LDS President John Taylor (who was one of the two men in jail with Joseph and Hyrum when they were killed) was reportedly a master mason himself, and in his writings he claimed Joseph and his Brother Hyrum were masons in good standing at the time they died. There is also a very famous portrait of Brigham Young with him wearing a mason pin on his shirt. The LDS church managed to photoshop it off in all official church pictures and publications. You are absolutely correct about Joseph and the Freemason similarities in Mormonism. Most of the similarities are hidden away and kept secret in the LDS temples. As an ex Mormon I found the post on page two of this thread where he mentions Lucifer being the secrect superior God interesting. The reason being that in the creation video of the initiatory before you receive your endowment in the LDS temple ceremony, their is subtle comment made by Satan to a Christian preacher that implies he himself is God.
  11. I would say Morningside Baptist - morningside.org Pastor Josh Crockett left our church here to become the Senior Pastor there. He is only about 38 yrs old but his reputation and teaching ability are second to none in my opinion. His father Leigh Crockett was the Pastor of our church for many years, after his battle with cancer ended and the Lord took him home, his son Josh was voted in as Pastor until he went to Morningside. Josh and all of his brothers graduated from Bob Jones University and they all stayed in the Greenville, S.C. area. When Leigh Crockett (Josh's father) past away he was so highly thought of that Governor Mike Pence sent a letter to the church family with his condolences, and Bob Jones 3 came to preside over the funeral here in central Indiana. I would recommend just visiting the Morningside website and listening to a few of his sermons.
  12. Correct. All their information and publications are on their website JW.org. Many Kingdom Halls have added the website address to their signs in front of the Kingdom Halls. There is also a JW library app you can down on apple and google play with all their publications.
  13. Great point! I am always encouraged when I see someone out in public reading the word of God instead of Facebook,
  14. Agree, I am not a fan of Scofield either.
  15. I don't believe I know any of the Lindseys. I am in Anderson, IN.
  16. Our church uses the KJV in preaching, and always uses Study materials with KJV quotes, but I am aware of another IFB in town and their website states they only use 1611 version. Forgive me for my ignorance on the issue, but what is the difference between today's common KJV and the 1611?
  17. I wasn't challenging you, brother. I apologize if I came off that way. I was just my opinion.
  18. I always carry a printed Bible, but I do take my IPad as well because I can look at several commentaries with ease. I don't think people should use Bible apps instead of the real thing. Half the Christians I see have a hard enough time trying to find 1 John in their own bibles, and using a bible app is just more of a crutch. In a way it's seems about "lazy" instead of learning where the different books are in a hard copy.
  19. I carry a compact reference KJV by Holman Bible Publishers for personal reading. I have always enjoyed apologetics, but I kind of got the impression the Henry Morris mainly focused apologetics on literal 7 day creationism. Which I absolutely agree with but my Sunday school class has been studying the creation subject for almost half a year using the Answers in Genesis curriculum, so I'm looking for something different to study in depth. Which Study or Reference Bible would you recommend (Other than Scofield)?
  20. I was recently watching the 30 for 30 documentary about the Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys" team. I remember watching them when I was very young, but I didn't realize how dirty they played until I watched the documentary. I couldn't believe how physical they played (compared to today), and some of the harsh fouls they got away with. The refs would never let a team play that physically passionate today.
  21. I doubt having a kid with them helps much, other than the people at the door may not be as rude. Bringing their children along helps train them to grow up to be Watchtower robots more than it helps getting people to listen.
  22. Yeah many of them go out door to door as a family unit. How old was the kid?
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