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  1. Among all the different groups claiming they are Christian it's hard for me to think of any group who teaches and believes a false Gospel more than the Jehovah's witnesses. They burden the rank and file with hours of meetings, door to door ministry, and publications to study for the Sunday meetings. They also lead the way in denying Jesus bodily resurrection by teaching that his earthly body was "dissolved" in the tomb and was recreated into the "spirit creature" and Angel Micheal. Ive attended their form of Easter celebration simply called the memorial a few times. During the memorial the bread and glass of wine is passed around but only the 144,000 are supposed to partake. Since those anointed 144,000 have mostly died off the emblems get passed from one person to another and no one partakes. I can not think of any religious observance that I would classify more readily as a "black mass" than the JW memorial. The millions of people who participate and just pass the bread and wine on are symbolically rejecting Christ and his command to remember him. I also wanted to respond to where you mentioned that the LDS believe Jesus was resurrected as an angel. I don't believe that is accurate. In LDS theology Jesus is the Jehovah of the Old Testament and God of this Earth, and after his ressurection he resides on plant Kolob in glorified human body ruling with Heavenly Father called Elohim by LDS. Actual Adam was said to be the Archangel Micheal before "Elohim" sent him to earth to populate the world with Eve. I can only assume they believe Adam became Micheal again after his earthly death.
  2. I always get lost in theological thought when I hear Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus. Not because I believe it contains bad doctrine, but because I feel like it could give the impression to a non believer that Jesus shed blood is the single focal point for salvation. While Jesus blood was precious and necessary to the plan of redemption the shed blood was only a part of the overall atonement for our sins. I have always understood that when Jesus blood is mentioned in the bible in a redeeming manner it is pointing ultimately to the death of Jesus physical body. When I hear "Nothing But the blood" my mind goes to Old Testament sacrifices where the animals cause of death was blood loss. When Jesus paid the final sacrifice his blood was shed but his death wasn't from bleeding out since Jesus apparently voluntary ended his life by commiting his Spirit to the Father. It is also my understanding that the cause of death from crucifixion was a result of asphyxiation not bleeding to death. But like I said...I don't believe the hymn contains false doctrine because it's true the blood of Jesus saved us. In the same way when someone says we are saved by "the cross". That is also true that the crucified Lord is our savior, but we arent saved by the actual wood beams that formed the cross which held the Godman. The cross was only an instrument used to try to make his death come at the hands of Pharisees, Sadducees, and Rome but they failed and voluntarily gave up his physical life to atone for the sin of Adam.
  3. Thank you all three for your replies. I appreciate the help. @ Bouncing Bill - No, I've never heard of Foxes Book of Martyrs.
  4. Can anyone recommend an accurate book on the history of the church? I have always heard of the Trail of Blood book, but haven't had a chance to read it. If what it claims is true then that is certainly encouraging, but I've heard that it is full of errors. if anyone has a different opinion on the Trail of Blood I'd love to hear it. If there is a better book out there please let me know. I have been told that there has always been a remnant of true believers from the time o the Apostles to today that was never part of Roman Catholicism.
  5. Yes I agree that there wasn't any Quran in written form during Muhammad's life time. While he was living the Quran was mostly memorized or verses written down on anything available. My only point was that the first official written Quran was produced under the authority of the third caliph Uthman ibn Affan. I believe he decided to do compile a standard canon because after the death of Muhammad there started to be confusion about what was original taught as wrong verses crept in over time.
  6. Yes Muhammad apparently didn’t have much knowledge about Christianity. As you mention, then Quran believes that Mary was one part of the triune God.
  7. It’s my understanding that before the time of Uthman ibn Affan there were versions that were slightly different. We have to remember that back then in Saudi Arabia the Quran was stored in people’s memories because of its poetic and easily memorized. Even children today learn to memorize the Quran. If that was the case then I’m sure many people had forgotten or confused certain parts which was causing a lot of confusion about which was authentic. When Uthman became the third caliph he decided to examine and compile all the variations and was able to discern what belonged in the scripture and what did it. So Uthmans Quran is the one we have today.
  8. It has been my opinion for several years that Joseph Smith had some knowledge of Islam because of the similarities. Like you mentioned above - They say the Bible is corrupted and must be understood through a “new” scripture. They both talked about angels coming to them about the new scriptures they were to write, and both engaged polygamy, etc. im sure Joseph found a book or heard about the Mohammed and I Islam and turned it into a Christian form. Obviously Joseph copied several groups like the baptism view of the Stone Campbell movement, and freemasonry for the temple concept. So I definitely think he copied some of Islam in his “church”.
  9. “there are currently 37 known seperate Arabic editions of the Koran, with thousands of differences between each on of them and the accepted standard version, so even in Arabic still very bad theology!” DaChaser - I am not sure where you read or seen this, but as someone who has studied Islam for nearly 19 years I am not aware of multiple Qurans. There are different many English Qurans and can be slightly different worded depending on the translator. Too my knowledge I am unaware of any “editions” in the Arabic text. It’s similar to different translations/versions of the Bible where they word things different but mean the same thing.
  10. I was reading an article about the history of the Church of the Brethen earlier and seem to at least stumbled upon why they baptize forward. “For example, they baptize in a forward direction because "we are baptized into his death", and at the moment of his death, Jesus' head fell forward.” I still see frontwards or backwards to be non - essential, but at least I know now why they decided to baptize in that direction.
  11. Good question. As far as the scriptures go, I can not think of a verse that specifies forwards or backwards, so I will answer based on my personal opinion. It seems like to me that the symbolism in New Testament of dying and rebirth brings to mind one being laid in their deathbed on their back, and then raising back up to life. That makes more sense to me but I’m certainly not saying other immersions aren’t valid. In Rabbinc Judaism (whose roots go back to the Pharisees) when someone converts they have to go the a Mikveh (like a small indoor pool filled with rain water) and I believe they enter the water and dip themselves under and up three times. I personally have never seen a Baptist Baptism done leaning forward, but that doesn’t mean it’s not practiced.
  12. I agree that Muhammad didn’t prophecy in the sense of the Old Testament prophets, but he does have several prophetic statements according to the Hadiths. For Muslims The Quran itself is proof that he is a Prophet of God. Muhammad is considered to be more of a Moses type figure than the Biblical Major and Minor Prophets. Muhammad isn’t looked at as a mystic or from purely spiritual standpoint. Like Moses creates an entire way of life and religion for Israel to follow, Muhammad is looked at as the “Moses” for all mankind perfecting it religion, laws (sharia), and final revelation in the form of the Quran.
  13. I have to disagree with the idea that most Muslims know the Gospel exists. Maybe I would agree with you that Muslims who live in secular countries where Christianity is the belief of the majority of its citizens - and have a better chance or hearing or told the Gospel. As I’m sure you know, most Islamic countries are not religious “friendly” when it comes to any kind of evangelism. Even if the country allows Christians to worship there are strict laws against them attempting to convert a Muslim. If you ask a Muslims if he believes the Gospel, they will say YES we believe in the Injeel (Arabic for Gospel) that Jesus brought, but they are talking about something COMPLETELY different than what we would define as the Gospel. All Muslims will affirm that they believe in the Torah, the Psalms, and the Gospel but they are not referring to what is in our bibles. They are referring to a lost “unperverted” text that is no longer accessible which is why God had to give Muhammad the Quran...to restore and perfect the teachings of the previous “prophets”. Witnessing to them is almost identical to how we would approach a Latter-day Saint (Mormon). If it is engrained in your mind that the Bible we have today has been corrupted and truths lost then they will always interpret it to the more perfect Book of Mormon or Quran.
  14. Brother Robycop - I’ve read through several of your posts, but I’m still confused why you are so hostile toward the KJV? I understand that the KJV may seem archaic, but at the very least I would think you would appreciate the efforts of the translators and the impact it has had on the Christian world. I can’t prove it, but my guess would be that God has used the KJV to bring more people to the throne of Grace than any other translation. i personally am NOT in the KJV Only camp, but I do prefer it used for preaching in IFB churches. In my own studies I like using the KJV, NSAB, and the ESV. Having said that, I see absolutely nothing wrong with people holding the KJV Only position, and believe that using words like “goofs” and “booboos” to describe the Word of God (in the KJV) is disrespectful. Contemporary (language) doesn’t always mean better or superior, and you acknowledge that yourself since you have expressed dislike for translations like the Message and other watered down “paraphrase” translations.
  15. I had visited many different churches before I found my way into a IFB church, so I’ve seen many denominations specific standards for membership. The Episcopals and Disciple of Christ usually have an invitation at the close of the service for people to come up (not to be saved) and be accepted into the congregation. The Church of God (Anderson) has no formal membership, but when people want to become part of a local congregation they are added to a membership roll. The IFB was obviously different than the others. My own experience was having to attend for awhile so the members could become familiar with you, and there is a required membership class held every three months or so. We had to attend around 6 or 7 different sessions, so only the ones truly desiring membership made time to attend all of them. The class was basically a small group for the pastor to go over the history and beliefs of the church. At the end of session we were given two papers we had to sign. One was a list of the churches fundament teachings and covenant. The second was a waiver form giving the church permission to run a criminal background check on us. Then finally we were brought before the congregation to be voted in by the members. I believe the long process itself deterred the ones who weren’t serious about joining the body. Most of the younger generation want to attend churches with loud music, no focus on disciple or sin, no accountability, etc., so they can come just to be entertained. They come to SEE the church NOT to be it.
  16. I’m sorry to hear about your mental health struggles. I’ve had chronic depression and anxiety since I was very young, so I sympathize with you. First I want to say that you a correct about the steps to salvation - Accept. Believe. Receive.. We can only accept Gods Grace, we cant earn it or manipulate its effectiveness by religious knowledge that would develope a “disciple heart”. I personally feel like you are expecting too much from yourself too soon. I’m guessing that the majority of people who come to salvation still have some doubt or feelings that they aren’t trusting enough like you. Your salvation isn’t dependent on your own feelings or doubt..salvation is from God alone. Your salvation was sealed when by FAITH you accepted Jesus sacrifice for you. In my own personal experience, there was no immediate change in my life. In fact it was almost three years after that I finally started to bear fruit and become more bold about my salvation. We are all in the process of learning to trust him more, and gradual sanctification. I notice you keep mentioning “feelings”, and that is concerning. You have to realize that your own person doubts and feelings have no effect one way or another on if you are saved. God saves..all we can do is accept. Lastly I would like to address what you think God is “saying” to you. From the way it’s worded I have the impression that you believe God is speaking to you audibly or mentally. This my personal belief about that. 1. It’s my understanding that God no longer speaks to us in the way you are explaining. I believe that since Jesus was the “Word” that means his teachings are the voice of God. Today God still speaks to us through the Bible that was God breathed and preserved so we can hear his voice today. So if you are hearing doubtful voices then my guess it is either your own feelings and insecurities coming to the surface, or it could be Satan attacking you because you are a daughter of God now. Take your time. Stay in the WORD because it is God speaking to you. Surround yourself with Christian friends. Don’t be embarrassed about doubt, we all have it at one time or another. Go talk to your Pastor about your concerns. He is there to help reconcile these type of things. Good luck. - In Christ
  17. Jehovahs witnesses are complex, and there are just so many barriers you have to tear down to get through. The mind control of the organization is beyond belief, and is the reason most JWs have not critical thinking skills. Since the watchtower is considered the spokesman for God that means everyone who tries to tell them something that contradicts their teaching is viewed as from Satan himself. As for Watchtower theology it is absurd and anathema. Jesus being the Archangel is one of their beliefs that will have consequences after death, but there are many more that effect and endanger them and their families lives while living. One of the more wicked beliefs is that blood transfusions are sinful. Countless men, women, and children have lost their lives too early because the Watchtower imposed this belief by ripping one versus completely out of context. Also, when they impose shunning on family and other congregation members for small things like questioning a watchtower teaching can push the shunned member to suicide or at the very least a life of anxiety and sadness. Shunning is especially cruel for a JW since they are taught to isolate themselves from non JWs, so they have no friends or support system outside of the congregation. I believe that isolation has a deliberate and sinister reason behind the belief since it puts them in a situation where their JW friends and family are literally all they have. This isolation is further abused when the JWs are told it is forbidden for them to attend or take part in any holiday celebrations with non JW friends and family. i follow the JWs and listen to their leaders online, and its unbelievable to me how these magazine salesmen have so much mental control of their followers. They have proven to be false prophets over and over and yet the rank file blindly follow, and will probably continue to do so until they depart this world and open their eyes to find out that hell is their reward.
  18. They are closing down and selling Kingdom Halls all over the United States forcing two or three congregations to share a single Hall some where else. Of course the faithful JWs blindly believe the “reasons” for this given to them by the governing body, so they are will sacrifice for “Jehovah” in a overcrowded Kingdom Hall. To the people on the outside it’s much more obvious why they are doing this on a mass scale all over the country combining congregations and selling the other buildings. It all started after the JWs began losing lawsuits for not reporting known child abuse to law enforcement. Now the cases are coming from the endless children who were abused for years while they protected the abuser. The Watchtower is losing millions of dollars one case at a time, and they are in panic mode trying to not go bankrupt and expose themselves to be the false prophets they really are.
  19. I haven't read that particular book, but Mark Cahills book "The One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven" helped make me more passionate about personal evangelism. I have had at least a dozen conversations with Mark via email, and know he is a KJV Independent Baptist. He has excellent tracts and videos. I would recommend his stuff to everyone on MarkCahill.org
  20. Very true quote. I see the "Christian" ranks diving in my own city. I have noticed that the traditional more "moderate" churches are mostly attended by Seinor Citizens who have been devoted to that specific congregation for a life time, but are not attracting middle aged worshippers (unless they turn Sundays into a rock concert and never mention sin in sermons). I know of a church that had 500 regular attenders just a little over two years ago, but have dwindled to 300 hundred because 200 people died of old age during those two,years. The IFB church I attend is growing rapidly with pews filled with members of every age group. There is no middle ground any more. If you believe in the Basic Fundamental Christian teachings there are only a few churches left to choose from. At the same time the liberals are looking for like minded congregations where faith is viewed as some historic tradition, so they don't have to feel guilty about living a lifestyle contrary to Biblical teachings.
  21. I agree with Tyndale's assessment. Lardmarkism vehemently claims church succession back to the apostles, so only a church planted by another "Landmark" congregation would be viewed as a "true church".
  22. I see. I didn't know your post was in reply to another thread topic. Thanks for the clarification.
  23. Are you saying that only the wicked dead before the flood went to the spirit prison, or just they are the only ones Christ went and preached to? Please know I'm not being critical or trying to stump you. I'm just trying to understand what exactly the context is of your first post.
  24. I assume that the "abyss" mentioned in Luke 8:31 is the same place as the spirit prison? In Luke's account they seemed to fear being sent there during Jesus' lifetime?
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