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  1. On 6/4/2021 at 4:48 PM, BrotherTony said:

    Yes, sir. He WAS at Franklin Road Baptist Church for a while, but left there taking a group of families with him back around 2001 or so, and started the Global Vision Baptist Church. Later, as some things started unraveling for him, he dropped the name "Baptist" and became a "Bible" church, and whatever it is now since his divorce. I've had many interactions with him, and they've not been pleasant from his end. This is one pastor who WAS in the "Baptist" group who now has a cult-like following. It's frightening to read some of the emails and messages I've gotten when I've responded to some of his YouTube videos or posts on FB. I only pay attention to him because he is leading people away from the truth of the Word into a political styled, man worshipping religion, and I want to keep the friends and relatives I have who listen to him or wish to go hear him pointed back towards the Scriptures. 


    I apologize for my late reply to this but I am just now seeing and hearing about this.

    I've never heard of this guy but I have a very different view of Mike Pence since we have known him here since he was our house representative here in Madison County, Indiana.

    Even back then Mike was known to be a deeply religious and godly man and found support among Indiana Christians. Many people in our IFB church knew him and supported his run for Governor.

    Several years ago when our Pastor Dr. Leigh Crockett died we received a letter from Governor Pence that was read to the congregation at the funeral.

    I can remember back as a representative he was visiting one of the local Wednesday night church services andwas taking questions. One person asked him if he knew the Bush administrations stance on the State of Israel. He answered by telling about a meeting with Condelizza Rice where she asked him why he thought supporting Israel was important. He told us that his answers was that he believed it was biblical to do so, and Rices reply was that she believed te same.

    The Trump/Clinton election was the first one I voted in that I felt like I needed to repent afterwards, but when it came to Mike Pence I always believed he would do what he felt was right an consistent with his faith.

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