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  1. Yes, money is the root of ALL evil and that's a good place to start looking for the lies and motives. People tend to believe anything but truth instead of looking for the truth
  2. I'm sorry you feel that way, I'm discussing not arguing. Am I being censored cause I don't agree completely? You aren't agreeing with me either ya know No secret, it's all in God's hands. I get in trouble all the time cause I'm blunt people only want to hear their own views
  3. Interesting. Cleanliness helps and good manners. So true, follow the money. Believe everything but truth. The end is near
  4. Is demon posession another thing that we Baptists believe stopped
  5. Doesn't rule it out, but there isn't any proof it happens either. Although I suppose if my husband had that fake asymptomatic stuff and I slept with him while he was snoring..........
  6. Well I know of many that got infected from coughers, sneezes, spitters, but none from breathers. I don't know any that got any virus that way anything is possible I suppose
  7. Let me know if you hear of any confirmed cases that was transmitted that way. Remember the health officials said we needed to disinfect our packages too lol
  8. In a tiny hospital cubicle surrounded by curtains it may very well be possible for anyone enclosed in there for 15 minutes to get enough of a viral load to infect them, but in normal conditions no. There may even be a case or two infected that way, but I doubt it The head of nursing at my church wouldn't even wear a mask at church
  9. Not enough to infect someone unless they are on top of the infected person, otherwise everyoneone in the same family would catch it and they don't. Nobody breaths that hard
  10. Of course it's necessary , it isn't a bug that crawls or hangs in the air infinitely. It must be excreted though the nose or mouth just like any other covid virus and breathed in for a length of time just like any other virus
  11. This vaccine is brand new, and although it may or may not be cutting down the chances of people getting the virus etc, nobody knows for how long and what the long term effects of this vaccine is. Just heard that during one of the delta outbreaks that 72% of the hospitilized patients had been fully vaccinated. Any meds you put into your body adversely affect you, and this vaccine goes way beyond medicine One cannot get this virus unless they have been around an infected person who coughed, sneezed or spit on or around them for more than 15 minutes. I have been back at church for over a year with hundreds of unmasked, unvaccinated people and no outbreaks. Real life proves the fearmongers are wrong.
  12. I don't think we will ever know the answer to that, not when toddlers who die from physical injuries are included in the covid death count. They need to stop paying hospitals extra for covid cases.
  13. If you stay away from people who are coughing, sneezing and spitting then you won't catch either vovid or the variant
  14. I once wrote on fb/twitter about the amount of people who live in the U.S. and who have gotten the virus in the u.s. but my math isn't good enough to figure out the percentage. Pretty sure it has to be low
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