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  1. And this makes sense too. I guess it's all a matter of what we choose to believe.
  2. I realize that the tongues back then was just normal languages, not the jibberish of today. I also don't believe in raising people from the dead (although Jack Hyles claimed he did that), I also don't believe in healings the way the apostles did them, but what about the way the early church was instructed to deal with the sick? It seems we leave out alot of things the early church did
  3. We've always been told they ceased, but how do we know that? Sometimes I wonder if Baptists miss out on alot of things God meant for us because we are afraid to be like chrismatics. Same with healing etc
  4. we are constantly told that prophecy, tongues, and knowledge will cease when the Bible comes based on this statement in the Bible 'But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away but how do we know this refers to the Bible and not Jesus' return
  5. Thank you for this brilliant answer.
  6. I was recently called a fatalist because I stated that we cannot when we die. Is believing that God has a set time for our death fatalistic?
  7. I asked my old IFB Pastor once if we were Calvanist or Arminian I won't tell his answer cause I want your thoughts
  8. I believe that all babies that die go to heaven because they have not refused Christ as their savior which is how you go to hell
  9. I totally agree. The movement seems to be growing
  10. True that, and if all else fails they'll change the definitions. My old Pastor taught us that we were neither Calvanist nor Arminian, we were just Baptist (the ones that the other two groups persecuted
  11. I've been hearing alot more about modern day prophets, what does people here think about prophets?
  12. So what is the difference between hyper calvinism and Spurgeon's calvinism?
  13. never knew how they believed on the infant issue till I read the London Baptist Confession of faith of 1689
  14. So does this mean we should not support missionaries sent from BWM or just not support the board itself?
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