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  1. were not the Anabaptist given that name because they rebaptized catholic converts? thinking that was a water baptism
  2. taught by every Baptist church and Baptist teacher I've ever sat under or read
  3. Then we are back to two different baptisms confusing
  4. I've always been taught that it's just testimonial. If Christ was talkig about spiritual baptism then why would Christ give the church baptism as an ordinance, and why would we conclude it was water baptism?
  5. The Bible says there is 'one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. Which Baptism is for today?
  6. I admit that I may have misunderstood your meaning. Being old or a women was only meant to show that I am not a pastor, theologian, etc. I'm just a old time Baptist that is still trying to learn. as the anabaptists etc of the past, I don't fit in either of those two belief systems. It seems to me that both are spawns of catholicism
  7. My statement had little to do with salvation and everything to do with which Baptists were first. There is more to Christianity than salvation and yes what pastors think does matter. God gave them to us for a reason. However since all great pastors and theologians disagree it's best to get alone with God and His word to find out truths. Don't mind me, I'm not a theologian (nor would I follow one) I'm just an old lady
  8. I either got that from This day in Baptist History, or The Trail of Blood. Everyone back then was trying to kill the baptists and they were constantly hiding
  9. Love this answer. Okay when I asked my old Pastor whether we were Calvanist or Armenian, he replied neither we are Baptist they existed before and along side the other two and the other two spent time trying to kill the Baptists
  10. Being a staunch KJVer, I believe the word Easter in the Bible is exactly how God wanted it, and I've always been told it was a Roman holiday and did not refer to the Passover Was it not the Romans that wanted him off the Cross before Easter, and they did not celebrate Passover so why care if He was down before then
  11. They celebrated the goddess estra (sp) Was resurrection Sunday even called Easter in 1611
  12. Prior to Christs death, Rome had a holiday called Easter - what was this holiday about for the Romans
  13. And this makes sense too. I guess it's all a matter of what we choose to believe.
  14. I realize that the tongues back then was just normal languages, not the jibberish of today. I also don't believe in raising people from the dead (although Jack Hyles claimed he did that), I also don't believe in healings the way the apostles did them, but what about the way the early church was instructed to deal with the sick? It seems we leave out alot of things the early church did
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