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  1. Awesome explanation! Thank you so much for your explanation! I believe you are right about the church not wanting to have it in writing as well. Thank you so much for your great answer.
  2. I don’t think each church is it’s own government in specific areas aren’t the churches run by a specific diocese lead by a bishop? Sorry I am getting conflicting information so pardon my lack of knowledge. The reason I ask these questions is because I was baptized Anglican and heard that the Anglican faith accepts these sinful actions and support them. I received an answer from the Toronto Anglican Church stating that this facts are true and I am thinking of converting to Baptist. I asked a local Baptist church the same questions but they said they want to meet in person to discuss not sure why they couldn’t reply over email.
  3. Thank you for correcting me and excuse my use of terminology but do you have any actually feedback in regards to the questions asked?
  4. Does the Baptist Church allow same sex marriages? Does the Baptist Church allow gay reverends to lead a congregation?

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