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  1. Very simply, if you have not seen his Calvinism Debate so bloated with hackneyed circular logic and assumption, such as all monergists believe in the double predestination error (see marchtozion.com, searching for "absoluters excommunicated"), do so. Also, on Christmas Cloud has no problem with the Pagan tree (Jer. 10), but yet condemns the pagan and papist roots thereof. Here is one such example exposing that bitter Marian persecutor Francis Assissi, http://www.wayoflife.org/reports/francis_o_assisi.html. Yet, knowing the Roman roots of the Xmas, Cloud justified them, but has removed his Have a Blessed Christmas article from the Way of Life website. It is possible he changed his beliefs, but in as far as I understand celebrates Christmas. Yea, verily, we could beat a fool a hundred strokes and he will be yet a fool.
  2. Ecclesiastes 5.8. The Maypole represents a phallus. That is all.
  3. While not intending to be a critic, do you support the Tempe, Arizona-based cultist Steven Anderson? I disciple a brother in Christ delivered from the grips of heroin; NA or AA is no help at all, but Jesus is a Friend to those in need of his effectual call. The apostles thought they could return to their nets; the Lord broke the nets!
  4. Humility is not easy, but God is the Rock of ages.
  5. Yes, I am aware this is a fundamentalist board, but it also maintains the Authorized Version, which is rare to find in this apostate day. Because it is a fundamentalist board, I can call something for what it is without fear of retaliation (mostly)- such as saying Billy Graham was a goatish false prophet and Jack Hyles was the worst kind of anathematized, adulterous Arminian antinomian. Most fundamentalists do not know they are the spawn of the 1830s New School Old School split documented in the histories of Griffin and Hassell. After reading almost a millenary of creeds, it is indesputable the forerunners were believers in a singular work, monergism, not synergists. After realizing fundamentalism is the grandson of the split, it did not seem that one could be both- and as a fundamentalist was not a dispensationalist or a zionist. I'll bless Israel when they bless the King. The issue was the movement, not the idea in the fundamentals of the Christian faith on our Lord. Finally, the Calvinist generally believes in duty faith, which we do not. He thinks man must do something to be added to the book of life when John 3.6-9, II Corinthians 5.17 or I John 5 teach regeneration is immidiate, not a process preceeded by the new birth. They as well believe in the saints' preservation; while there is a hot debate raging among some, we favor preservation over perseverance. If you have ever studied Bunyan, you know what most Primitive, Old School Particular, Gospel Standard and similar types believe. Also, though we do believe in particular redemption (hence the name) we believe in an atonement effiecient and sufficient for the elect alone. The Calvinists according to their sundry confessions generally believe in an atonement sufficient for all, effecient for the elect. Since Protestants ultimately are the Harlot's daughters, and while we love them in Immanuel, it is they not we who apostacized starting in the second century anno domini. They placed a popish spin on what they took from us. In general, if Rome the Babylonian Whore believes it, we do not! Might you kindly answer if I as an Old School Particular Baptist am welcome?
  6. This actually happened at least twice with the 1950s Lavon Affair and 1967 USS Liberty bombing. Theory it is not. Considering that Jesus Christ is the head of the Jeremiah 31 new covenant, and the Jews reject Christ wholeheartedly (though not all), they actually broke Moses in raising a false report, and Christ who said not to murder and hate unrighteously in the heart. See Romans 2.28-9 and the letter to Galatia. Here is where the Jews speak about it in their Jerusalem Post. The POTUSes each apologized to the Jews. I leave the satanic, evil traditions of the elders for another time... Take a look at Schäfer's Jesus in the Talmud or Luther's The Jews and Their Lies...
  7. After studying 800 years or more or Baptist and Protestant confessions from the 1100s Walndeses creed to Cloud's quoting in his work Fundamentals and Quick Prayerism statements made in the 1980s one notes NONE defined repentance as a mere mental change. It is, though, given by God. Boopsie Woopsie Jack Hyles the antinomian was no help to anyone.
  8. Now, Hovind is marrying Marry Tocco, who has been divorced over a decade. There was no clear statement his now former wife Jo was unfaithful. What a mess. As far as Cloud, though he is a valuable resource, his bias against sovran grace and stance on Christ's Mass is laughable. He haults between two opinions there...
  9. It astounds one cannot see the fact the prophecy quoted in the Apocalypse corresponds to Osee chapter eleven, the prophecy given Christ will go and return from Egypt in 1260 days or three years. Since am not a dispensationalist or millennarian, I'll just sit back. Some realized millenarians hold to a three-year or seven-year tribulation, but are the minority. Nevertheless, it does make one chuckle that essentially the same premillennial proponents argue about the timing of a tribulation they cannot concur how long it is in duration. The middle of the tribulation period was espoused by a Baptist in the 1750s. Essentially, each postion is the same dispensational take on premillennarianism.
  10. GA Riplinger believes in her book Hazardous Materials the Authorized Version and other previously unknown texts were exhaled at Pentecost. Beware! The double inspiration view is historically spurrious as well as unsubstantiated. You are right to warn against the Fullerite Hedonic Piper. He is a mess from beginning to end, unlike the Lord's commandments. Here is my friend pastor Benjamin Winslett's article on the topic of Fullerism or new Calvinism courtesy of that old heresiarch Andrew Fuller. John Piper arguably is one of the patriarchs of the Fullerite movement. Here is what Cloud documents about him. Also suggested is Christopher Ness' Antidote to Arminianism.
  11. Anything new evangelical should not be read, at least in my notion. There are no new evangelical materials in this house. Some theological works I enjoyed are Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, Luther's response to Erasmus' On the Freedom of the Will called On the Bondage of the Will, as well as Henry Ford's The International Jew. Ford seemed to love the Lord Jesus per his writings. Though vulgar at times, Anne Rowe Seaman's expose called Swaggart was a useful resource tool on the Pentecostal movement and that wave without wind in Baton Rouge. JA Wylie's The Papacy is Antichrist and The Jesuits are true treats. His book on the Vadouis or Waldensians is highly praised. Luther's The Jews and Their Lies has useful information; he was wrong to advocate certian things in the book. When they say the word "Jesu", it is actually a cipher for 316, mocking John 3.16. Cornwell's book Hitler's Pope on Pius XII is revealing into how the Unholy See supported Hitler during the Second World War.
  12. Dear brethren, greeting from Him that has loved us and made us accepted in the beloved. I hold to the Baptist Catechism of 1693 and 1689 Second London Confession (though do not maintain eternal generation or Calvinism), maintain the five solae and read the Authorized Version, God's pure, preserved word in English nine times a year. Thusly, that means maintaining and defending the Second Rabbinic Bible (Daniel Bomberg ben Chayyim 1252 Hebrew text) as well as the Byzantine text (typically Scrivener's or Beza's fifth edition). However, while no modernist, I am no longer a fundamentalist but a Particular Baptist. This means the beliefs of those such as John Bunyan, Issac Bakkus, Benjamin Keach are quite similar to mine. Would I be welcome if not a fundamentalist? May we all love and glorify (Ps. 115; I Jn. 1-5) the only Potentate, king of kings and Lord of Lords. Should one not know the solae, shame on you! They are solus Christus, soli Deo gloria, sola fide, sola gratia and sola and tota scriptura. These in one form or another have been the Christian creed from the beginning.

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