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  1. This actually happened at least twice with the 1950s Lavon Affair and 1967 USS Liberty bombing. Theory it is not. Considering that Jesus Christ is the head of the Jeremiah 31 new covenant, and the Jews reject Christ wholeheartedly (though not all), they actually broke Moses in raising a false report, and Christ who said not to murder and hate unrighteously in the heart. See Romans 2.28-9 and the letter to Galatia. Here is where the Jews speak about it in their Jerusalem Post. The POTUSes each apologized to the Jews. I leave the satanic, evil traditions of the elders for another time... Take a look at Schäfer's Jesus in the Talmud or Luther's The Jews and Their Lies...
  2. After studying 800 years or more or Baptist and Protestant confessions from the 1100s Walndeses creed to Cloud's quoting in his work Fundamentals and Quick Prayerism statements made in the 1980s one notes NONE defined repentance as a mere mental change. It is, though, given by God. Boopsie Woopsie Jack Hyles the antinomian was no help to anyone.
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