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  1. Stupid lazy sectarians are not able to read further on the link All stupid lazy cultists will remain on Earth.
  2. And I like reading the inspired text of the Bible. God authorized 54 people to translate the KJV1611. 47 of them made this translation. Only one change was made to the KJV1611 by these people. This verse (Ruth 3:15). Here the word "he" has been replaced by the word "she". The rest of the changes were made by other people. God promises these people the following things: 18For I testifie vnto euery man that heareth the wordes of the prophesie of this booke, If any man shal adde vnto these things, God shall adde vnto him the plagues, that are written in this booke. 19And if any man shall take away from the wordes of the booke of this prophesie, God shal take away his part out of the booke of life, and out of the holy citie, and from the things which are written in this booke. (Rev.22:18,19) (KJV1611) Below are just a few of the changes these people have made over the course of three hundred years: “And she laid vp his garment by her, vntill her lord came home” (Gen.39:16) (KJV1611) “And she laid vp his garment by her, vntill his lord came home” (Gen.39:16) (FakeKJV) “her” -- (KJV1611) “his” -- (FakeKJV) “and one lambe without blemish” (Num.6:14) (KJV1611) “and one ram without blemish” (Num.6:14) (FakeKJV) “which the Lord giueth” (Deut.26:1) (KJV1611) “which the Lord thy God giveth” (Deut.26:1) (FakeKJV) “fierce wrath of God is vpon you” (2Chron.28:11) (KJV1611) “fierce wrath of the Lord is upon you” (2Chron.28:11) (FakeKJV) “Why then doth their king inherit God” (Jer.49:1) (KJV1611) “why then doth their king inherit Gad” (Jer.49:1) (FakeKJV) “Is not the meate cut off before your eyes” (Joel.1:16) (KJV1611) “Is not the meat cut off before our eyes” (Joel.1:16) (FakeKJV) “The seruant is not greater then the Lord” (John.15:20) (KJV1611) “The servant is not greater than his lord” (John.15:20) (FakeKJV) “halfe tribe of Manasseh” (Josh.13:29) (KJV1611) “half tribe of the children of Manasseh” (Josh.13:29) (FakeKJV) “and his wiues sonnes grew vp” (Judg.11:2) (KJV1611) “and his wife’s sons grew up” (Judg.11:2) (FakeKJV) “Dauid arose, hee and his men” (1Sam.18:27) (KJV1611) “David arose and went, he and his men” (1Sam.18:27) (FakeKJV) “And his seruant said to him” (1Sam.28:7) (KJV1611) “And his servants said to him” (1Sam.28:7) (FakeKJV) “that were in the Temple” (1Kings.11:10) (KJV1611) “that were in the temple of the Lord” (1Kibgs.11:10) (FakeKJV) “were men of might” (1Chron.7:5) (KJV1611) “were valiant men of might” (1Chron.7:5) (FakeKJV) “where the slaine are, there is he” (Job.39:30) (KJV1611) “where the slain are, there is she” (Job.39:30) (FakeKJV) “whome yee had set at libertie” (Jer.34:16) (KJV1611) “whom he had set at liberty” (Jer.34:16) (FakeKJV) “So the king sware secretly” (Jer.38:16) (KJV1611) “So Zedekiah the king sware secretly” (Jer.38:16) (FakeKJV) “vnto thy people” (Ezek.3:11) (KJV1611) “unto the children of thy people” (Ezek.3:11) (FakeKJV) “Is this the sonne of Dauid?” (Matt.12:23) (KJV1611) “Is not this the son of David?” (Matt.12:23) (FakeKJV) “perfect vnderstanding of things” (Luke.1:3) (KJV1611) “perfect understanding of all things” (Luke.1:3) (FakeKJV) “the redemption that is in Iesus Christ” (Rom.3:24) (KJV1611) “the redemption that is in Christ Jesus” (Rom.3:24) (FakeKJV) “helpes in gouernmēts, diuersities of tongues” (1Cor.12:28) (KJV1611) “helps, governments, diversities of tongues” (1Cor.12:28) (Fake1611) “another of the moone” (1Cor.15:41) (KJV1611) “and another glory of the moon” (1Cor.15:41) (FakeKJV) “For in this we grone earnestly, desiring to be clothed” (2Cor.5:2) (KJV1611) “For in this we groan, earnestly desiring to be clothed” (2Cor.5:2) (FakeKJV) “the King, kept the citie with a garison” (2Cor.11:32) (KJV1611) “the king kept the city of the Damascenes with a garrison” (2Cor.11:32) (FakeKJV) “rather then edifying” (1Tim.1:4) (KJV1611) “rather than godly edifying” (1Tim.1:4) (FakeKJV) “and enuies, and euill speaking” (1Pet.2:1) (KJV1611) “and envies, and all evil speakings” (1Pet.2:1) (FakeKJV) “hee that hath not the Sonne, hath not life” (1John.5:12) (KJV1611) “he that hath not the Son of God hath not life” (1John.5:12) (FakeKJV)
  3. Then you're not rightly dividing the Word. .. In my opinion, you're misrepresenting the Word of God, and trying to lead people here astray. This shows you're not being led by the Holy Spirit, either. These are unfounded accusations. Scripture calls such accusations slander.
  4. These Scriptures STILL don't prove your point. I believe your hermeneutics are way off here. But, as I've stated, it's not worth wasting time arguing about. It's a diversionary tactic of the adversary. I am not guided by hermeneutics, exegesis, or evolutionary theory. These disciplines were invented by people. Scripture calls these disciplines science, fasly so called (1 Tim. 6:20). I am setting forth biblical doctrine.
  5. Stupid "slow bellies" (Tit.1:12), "Christians" are ready to call God Himself a fool. "a thousand two hundred and threescore dayes" (Rev.11:3) "fortie and two moneths" (Rev.13:5) "a thousand two hundred and ninetie dayes" (Dan.12:11) "the thousand, three hundred and fiue and thirtie dayes" (Dan.12:12)
  6. I already wrote above that this is only about one significant event. There will be several such events in the future time period, including "the mariage of the Lambe" (Rev.19:7) on the day of Pentecost.
  7. Dumb "Christians" do not realize that there can be false prophets only during the period of time when there are prophets.
  8. Modern "Christians" do not understand the difference between the biblical terms "Church of the first born" (Heb.12:23) and "Church of God" (1Cor.10:32). For this reason, they argue among themselves when there will be a rapture of the Church before the tribulation or after it.
  9. If you go to the site using this link, then let me know http://www.lordway.ru/English/otrasl/otrasl_2.htm ...Now, knowing the date of the DAY of Pentecost, we can determine the year and month of the middle of the last week of Daniel. This is the very time when the devil will give the beast “his power, and his seat, and great authoritie” (Rev.13:2). This is the very time when the beast will begin to serve the Babylonian harlot. You will be surprised at the result! These events will take place in the month of June 2066. Do you understand what the number of the beast means? The three digits 666 represent the sixth month of 2066. This is an abbreviated notation of the month and year in the current century 06/21/66. For example, the military conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008 is called “the 08.08.08 war”, or in abbreviated form “the 888 war”. The abbreviated notation of the day, month and year was used here. From June 28, 2066 to December 28, 2069, forty‑two calendar months will pass. It is at this time that great authority will be given to the beast (Rev.13:5). The false prophet will cause “all, both smal and great rich and poore, free and bond, to receiue a marke in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, saue he that had the marke, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisedome. Let him that hath vnderstanding, count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man, and his number is, sixe hundred threescore and sixe” (Rev.13:16‑18). We have counted the number of the beast. The date of the “event 666” is confirmed by the first verse of the 8th chapter of Ezekiel. The fact is that on this day young men who have no blemish, beautiful appearance, skillful in all wisdom and understanding science, will be sent to the service of the Babylonian harlot (Dan.1:4). In the chapter (Ezek.8) we are shown their ministry. “And it came to passe in the sixt yeere, in the sixt moneth, in the fift day of the month, as I sate in mine house, and the elders of Iudah sate before me; that the hand of the Lord God fell there vpon me” (Ezek.8:1). This verse indicates the year, month, and day of the beginning of their service to another's gods. The day is based on the phase of the moon. Knowing the phases of the moon in 2066, you can determine the day and month according to the Gregorian calendar, it will be June 27, 2066. Isaiah predicted to Hezekiah that the alliance between the king of Judah and the king of Babylon would have tragic consequences for the kingdom of Judah. In this prophecy, Scripture shows us the events of the middle of Daniel's last week. An offer will be made to the ruler of Israel, and he, being a proud, vain and selfish person, will not be able to refuse (Judges.18:19‑20). Having started his ministry with the Babylonian harlot, he will actually sacrifice Israel. He will act like Jephthah, who sacrificed his only daughter, fulfilling his vow (Judg.11:35‑40). An idol shepherd will take from the people to “Babylon” EVERYTHING that until that time will be collected in reserve by the fathers, “nothing shall be left, sayth the Lord”. And the best sons of the people, “of the kings seed, and of the Princes” (Dan.1:3) he will take with him. They will be given two months to get ready and say goodbye to their relatives. It is said: Jephthah sent his daughter to go up the mountains to mourn his virginity with his fellows (Judg.11:37‑38). “Behold, the dayes come, that all that is in thine house, and that which thy fathers haue layde vp in store vnto this day, shall be caried vnto Babylon: nothing shall be left, sayth the Lord. And of thy sonnes that shall issue from thee, which thou shalt beget, shall they take away, and they shall bee Eunuches in the palace of the king of Babylon” (2Kings.20:17‑18). The man of sin, fulfilling the function of the high priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, will have power “ouer the fourth part of the earth” (Rev.6:8). Therefore, a rider named Death will be able “to kill with sword, & with hunger, and with death, and with the beastes of the earth” for three years only on a fourth of the earth. But even this is enough for the wife to be drunk with “with the blood of the Saints, and with the blood of the Martyrs of Iesus” (Rev.17:6). Whoever manages to escape from the sword of the Babylonian harlot will be killed by the revived Image, and whoever, having received the mark, escapes from his sword, will be killed by Prince Michael (1Kings.19:17). In any case, the Lord will leave seven thousand men for Himself in Israel, whose knees “haue not bowed vnto Baal, and euery mouth which hath not kissed him” (1Kings.19:18). Jesus told the people gathered against Him: “When I was daily with you in the Temple, yee stretched foorth no hands against mee: but this is your houre, and the power of darkenesse” (Luke.22:53). The devil and his angels will be given authority for seven years, from 2063 to 2069, to show themselves in all their things. It said: “this is your houre”. In 2066, the devil will transfer “his power, and his seat, and great authoritie” (Rev.13:2) to the beast from the sea. From this time on, “the power of darkenesse” will come on earth. Scripture through types gives us the opportunity to imagine many events of that time and feel them. In the story of the crucifixion of Jesus, we are shown these two periods of time with an exact indication of their beginning and end. In 2063, the seventieth week of Daniel will begin (Dan.9:27). The Scripture designates this year as “the third houre”. “And it was the third houre, and they crucified him” (Mark.15:25). The middle of the week is indicated by the phrase: “at the sixth hour.” “And when the sixth houre was come, there was darkenesse ouer the whole land, vntill the ninth houre” (Mark.15:33). In 2066, “the power of darkenesse” will come throughout the earth and will continue until 2069. It is said: “vntill the ninth houre”. The events that will occur at this time are described in chapter 13 of the book of Revelation. At the end of 2069 (Mark.15:34) Jesus Christ will call to God from the womb of hell, and He will hear His voice. “In my distresse I called vpon the Lord, and cryed vnto my God: hee heard my voyce out of his temple, and my crie came before him, euen into his eares” (Ps.18:6). Psalm 18 shows us the deliverance of Jesus Christ from the hand of all His enemies. At this time, the devil will descend to earth “hauing great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time” (Rev.12:12). The reign of darkness will end on the DAY of Pentecost, when people will see “the signe of the Sonne of man in heauen”...
  10. The reason is simple. This world always blocks what is dangerous for it. A person who is looking for truth will always find it, and a lazy person will always find a reason. I freely follow this link http://www.lordway.ru/English/otrasl/otrasl_2.htm
  11. You could go through another browser if you are not too lazy.
  12. Ok. 25"from the going foorth of the commandement to restore and to build Ierusalem, vnto the Messiah the Prince, shall be seuen weekes" (Dan.9:25) (KJV1611) https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/1611_Daniel-Chapter-9/
  13. Modern "Christians" are "slow bellies" (Tit.1:12)(KJV1611) 12. You removed this text because it speaks truth. https://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/1611_Titus-Chapter-1/
  14. Modern "Christians" are "slow bellies" (Tit.1:12). "The inhabitants of Jerusalem in the near future will fulfill the words of prophecy, read every Saturday day! Not finding in him any guilt worthy of death, they will ask “Pilate” that “he should be slaine” (Acts.13:28). And this is not surprising, because the people of Israel for the first time will begin to understand the Word of God only after the DAY of Pentecost, although by that time they should have already become teachers. And at the present time the whole Christian society is in a similar infant state. The Jews know about the coming of the Messiah and, in their own way, expect Him. But the Christian society even has no idea about Him, though Christians have at least some idea of a man of sin who will be accepted in Israel as the Messiah. Neither Jews nor Christians have a complete correct picture of future events, because neither ones nor the another do not understand the prophetic meaning of the Word of God." http://www.lordway.ru/English/otrasl/otrasl_1.htm
  15. This event will take place at the end of the Millennium. The rapture of the "Church of the first born" (Heb. 12:23) will take place in less than a month. "September 18, 2020 is the starting point for a new period of time, lasting 50 prophetic years. This date corresponds to the first day of the first month in the prophetic reckoning of years. In the tenth chapter of the book of Ezra, Scripture speaks of the events that will take place in the Tabernacle of heaven after Church of the first born is gathered there. Notice, Scripture uses a new count of time. And they “sate downe in the first day of the tenth moneth to examine the matter” (Ezra.10:16) If we count 270 days (nine prophetic months) from the date of September 18, 2020, then the next (271 days) will be “the first day of the tenth moneth” - June 15, 2021, this is the day when the Church of the first born will enter the heavenly Tabernacle for the first time. It is said: And they “sate downe …” And the meeting will make an important decision after three months: “And they made an ende, with all the men that had taken strange wiues, by the first day of the first moneth” (Ezra.10:17) The first day of the first month (already the next prophetic year) will be Monday, September 13, 2021. By this day, on the eve of it, the command “to restore and to build Ierusalem” will be issued (Dan.9:25). Here we are talking about making an important decision - building the Temple not made with hands. In the ninth chapter of the book of Daniel (Dan.9:25), continuing to count the years unto the Messiah the Prince, Scripture confirms the correctness of the specified date. “from the going foorth of the commandement to restore and to build Ierusalem, vnto the Messiah the Prince, shall be seuen weekes” (Dan.9:25) Christ will become the Messiah the Prince on the DAY of Pentecost, December 28 - 29, 2069. The 49 prophetic years contain 17640 days. After counting down the days, we find that the commandment “to restore and to build Ierusalem” will be issued on Sunday, September 12, 2021. 49 prophetic years are counted from this date “vnto the Messiah the Prince”..." May © 2021 http://www.lordway.ru/English/otrasl/otrasl_2.htm
  16. Apparently there are no people on this forum who can know how to count the number of a man !? Even people who have advanced degrees are unable to do this. Scripture says that this can only be done by a person who "hath vnderstanding" (Rev.13:18) (KJV1611). And this person is not me. In spite of this, any person who is able to see the prophetic meaning of the verses of Scripture can already know how "the number of the beast" (Rev.13:18), the number of that man of sin (2Thess.2:3) is calculated. The number 666 is the date. A person who "hath vnderstanding" (Rev.13:18) (KJV1611) has already counted not only the date of the event 666, but also the most important dates of the seven thousand-year history of this Earth. There is only one of the most important events, the date of which cannot be counted. Scripture says that no one knows "neither the day, nor the houre" (Matt.25:13) of this event. It is only known that this event will take place at the end of the seven thousand year of the history of this Earth, then “Heauen and earth shall passe away” (Matt.24:35), “and the Elements shall melt with feruent heat” (2Pet.3:10). Not only the present Earth will burn and be destroyed, but the entire Universe "to the third heauen" (2Cor.12:2), and there will be found "no place for them" (Rev. 20:11). You can read about how "the number of the beast" is calculated, and from what time will people begin to receive "his marke" (Rev.15:2) here http://www.lordway.ru/English/otrasl/otrasl_2.htm
  17. "Rechabites in the society of Israel lived according to their customs and traditions; thus, prophetically, the Scripture calls people called by Jesus Christ and living among the society of “Christians”, with its many denominations. Scripture shows us two groups of people who are faithful and unfaithful to their Father. People faithful to their Father fulfill His Word. Unbelievers do not listen to Him, ignore. The loyalty of the Rechabites to their father was tested in certain circumstances that prophetically point out to us a well-known rite in the Christian world."
  18. " The whole Christian world believes that the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, and His burial, and His resurrection in the year 34 give victory over death. But these are the beginnings of the way of the Lord. It is naive to think that victory can be obtained without a battle. To think so is to absolutely not understand the way of the Lord. There is no victory without a battle. There is an important period of time, which, despite its significance in our justification, remains unnoticed in the community of Christians. In this regard, the future giving of Christ for our sins and His “resurrection” for our justification remains unnoticed (Rom.4:25). In the book of Daniel, this time is marked by the last 70th week (Dan. 9:27). This is the time when ALL AUTHORITY will be given to the devil and his angels for seven years. In the four books of the Gospel, the Scripture shows us the FUTURE WAY of Jesus Christ, starting from the meal in the tabernacle of heaven and ending with His last breath “out of the belly of hell” (Jon.2:2). Because death with its bars should be to forever block Him ...
  19. Many people think the Bible has no prophecies about the USA...The Bible says not only about Russia, but also about the USA. http://lordway.ru/English/index_engl.htm#февраль 2013 года
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